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How do you protect your upholstery fabric?

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Slipcovering or re-upholstering upholstery in a performance fabric is the best way to protect it. A fabric protection spray is not something I recommend. Some fabric protection sprays can chemically break down upholstery fabrics and decrease the life expectancy of your furniture fabric.

Most people fear that if they have to replace their furniture, they will damage or get it dirty. There are many ways to protect your upholstery fabric. This blog will discuss how to protect your upholstery fabric and the best way to keep it fresher longer.

Scotchgard, or a Stain Resistant Upholstery Protect Spray

First, I want to stop the chemical treatment. Although I do not recommend this, some people prefer it. Scotchgard, or a “Stain Protector”, is the first upholstery protection spray that you may have heard about. It is safe to be used in homes, according to the container. It also states that it contains acetone and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Scotchgard is an upholstery protection spray that protects furniture from liquid stains. It is widely known and most commonly used.

The upholstery protection spray acts as a barrier to water and liquid spillages. The coffee you spill onto your furniture will not seep through the upholstery protection spray. These chemicals have a long half-life and take time to break down. These chemicals are safe to use and don’t bioaccumulate. However, the 3M, DuPont and EPA have not released the results to the public. Another study found that the chemicals were already present in 98% of all animals and humans. Although I don’t think chemistry is harmful, it is alarming to see how these chemicals are used in homes. For more information on PFCs, visit this blog at the Environmental Defence Fund website and the National Centre for Biotechnology Information.

Blanket or Slipcovers

Slipcovers are another option. Slipcovers are a great way for furniture to be covered in fabric and protect the upholstery beneath. Your local upholsterer can usually make slipcovers. Make sure to check for machine-washable fabrics when making your slipcover. Revolution Plus is a non-backed performance fabric which can be machine washed and softened for slipcovers.

For slipcover fabrication, contact a local upholstery company. Slipcovers do not require a complete upholstery job, so that they will cost you a lot less. A slipcover package is usually available if you buy your sofa from a furniture store. They also know where to find the perfect slipcover for their furniture line.

Performance Upholstery Material

A piece of performance-based upholstery fabric is the third and final way to protect your fabric. Fabric that is durable and stain-resistant is the best protection for fabric. Although many types and brands of performance fabric are available, not all are the same. Some fabric manufacturers have a fibre that resists stains, while others use chemicals to repel stains. It wears off, much like Scotchgard. If the fabric is chemical-based, it eventually runs into our homes and environment. It is important to compare the fabric of different companies and ask questions.


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