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How do you hire a painting contractor?

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How to find a painting contractor

Are you thinking of getting rid of the yellow pages? You shouldn’t. There are many other ways to find reliable contractors. Ask your family and friends for recommendations. Refer to paint stores or use Angi. Angi will help you find a professional painter close to you. Contact them to find out if any other professionals or contractors can recommend you.

Before you hire a painting contractor

There are several steps to take before you hire a painter. These include planning your project and checking references.

Get accurate quotes when you plan your painting project.

Are you trying to find painting contractors within your budget? You can get the best quotes by planning. During the planning phase, there are some things you should consider:

  • How big is your project? Cost can be affected by the area’s square footage.
  • Type: Decide what type of project you are interested in.
  • Quality of paint Before you hire a professional painter, make sure you decide what you want. However, choosing cheaper paint might cost you more in the long term.
  • Exterior painting vs interior painting: Is your exterior needing a makeover? Are you looking to improve the interior of your home? Before you contact a professional, do any preparation.

Compare quotes from at least three painting companies before you hire one. Talk to each contractor about your project and determine their pricing structure. Also, be aware that different projects may have different costs. The average cost to paint a bedroom costs around 500, but the cost of painting an entire house will run much higher.

Refer to the Qualifications and References of Your Painting Contractor

To ensure that you are a good match, it is important to verify references and check the qualifications of contractors. Talking to former painters can be a great way to find potential painters. To see past work, it is a good idea to visit them. Look for licensed commercial painters in auckland if your area requires it. Look online for reviews of past jobs.

Questions to ask your painting contractor

Prepare a list of questions for potential painters. It would help if you asked the following questions:

  • How many years have you been in business? It is best to look for an experienced painter with a proven track record.
  • Have you got a portfolio? This can help you determine if the painter is right for you.
  • What type of paint are you using? Contractors usually provide their paint. However, it would be best if you ensured it was up to par.
  • What time will it take to finish the project? This is a good idea.
  • Can you guarantee your work? All well-respected painters will guarantee their work.
  • What are the procedures? Ask about the contractor’s processes, including if you can be there during the process.
  • What are the most common extra costs? It is possible to charge extra for heavy furniture removal, crown moulding, baseboards or tall ceilings or walls painting.
  • Will you provide a written estimate or contract? Do not work with anyone who refuses to sign a written agreement.



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