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How Do I Find a Reliable Metal Roofing Contractor in My Area?

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It is worth taking the time to thoroughly research local metal roofing contractors. The outcome of your metal roofing project will depend on who you choose to hire. But how do you know which one is the best? How do you begin to search? How do you know if a roofing contractor can be trusted?

It’s not difficult to find reliable metal roofing contractors in your area if you know where to look, what to expect, and what to avoid. This guide was created by us.

Continue reading to find out how to choose the right metal roofing contractor to suit your needs.

  • The importance and value of a professional roof inspection
  • What to Look For in a Reliable Metal Roof Contractor.
  • What are the red flags?

A Professional Roof Inspection is Essential

Although homeowners should get bids from at most three roofing contractors, it is a good idea to have a professional inspect your roof before you meet with any contractor.

Independent roof inspectors can assess the condition and integrity of your roof before and after installation. This allows homeowners to get an objective evaluation of the scope and quality of the job.

A roof inspection costs about $200 on the national average. This is a great cost to get an accurate assessment of your roof and verify that it was properly installed.

Roof inspectors today rely on sophisticated tools such as drones or infrared sensors to detect leakage and damage in roofs by precisely measuring temperature variations. Advanced techniques can detect problems earlier, making it easier to fix.

Even though it is not required, a roof inspection can give peace of mind to everyone involved in a roofing project.

NOTE: DECRA Metal Roofing is unable to provide a list with preferred roofing inspectors in order to avoid undue influence. However, we can point you to reputable roof inspectors and certification services through the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association 

After a professional roof inspection is complete, it’s time for you to hire a metal roofing contractor. Here are some things to look out for and avoid.

Four Things to Look For in a Reliable Metal Roof Contractor

License and insurance

License: A contractor who is licensed will be more competent to do the job correctly. The licensing requirements for roofing contractors vary from to. Make sure you research your state’s requirements and be familiar with them.

Insurance coverage: Even the most skilled roofers can be injured, so make sure you have insurance. Ask for proof of insurance from both your contractor and any subcontractors.

Roofers should typically have two types insurance coverage: worker’s compensation and general liability.

  • General liability coverage covers injuries or property damage caused by contractors or employees.
  • Workers’ compensation pays for the medical bills and loss of income of contractors’ employees in the case that they are injured on the job.


experience is the keyword. Homeowners should seek out roofing contractors with an established business, a portfolio of past work and extensive experience working with a wide range of metal roofing products.

Ask for examples and references from previous metal roofing work.

Reputable roofing contractors should not hesitate to provide three references from the local area to confirm the quality of their work.

Asking questions to references will help you gain a complete understanding of the professionalism, quality, and character of the roofing contractor.

  • What level of satisfaction do you have with the work of your contractor?
  • Did you encounter any unexpected costs or issues? What were the contractor’s responses to these unexpected issues?
  • Did the job get done on time? How did you communicate with the contractor that there was a delay?

Specialty Skills

It is important to pick the right roofing contractor for your project. Some roofing contractors are skilled in maintenance and repairs, while others specialize installing complete roofs. These skills are often not interchangeable.

In order to be successful in new construction, the roofing contractor must have experience in coordinating work with other contractors and establishing with the general Contractor who is responsible for any overlaps, such as the installation of the roof deck sheathing, or any special energy efficient underlays specified by the architect.

Make sure that your contractor is experienced and familiar with metal roofing installation. Metal roofs are easy to install for experienced roofers. However, they require a different installation process than other roofing materials like asphalt shingles.

Clear Communication

A trustworthy and experienced metal roofing contractor will communicate clearly. Clear communication is key to vetting contractors.

Timeline: You need to know when the roofing contractor will begin and complete the job. You should also be informed by your contractor if there are any other circumstances that could affect the timeline. Ask the contractor, for example, if there are any other projects that might affect the timeline. What happens if the weather delays? What are their plans for handling and communicating delays?

Pricing: Before the work begins, and before you sign any contract, it is important to discuss the payment terms. It is important to know exactly what the payment amount will be and when it will be due. You should have a good understanding of the deposit requirements and payment schedule. A breakdown of all factors that will affect the final cost is a good idea.

Follow-up Policy: After the project is completed, ask about their follow up policy. While some contractors may be able to offer complete repair services for all types of projects, others may limit the amount of time they will offer repairs after the project is completed. Repairs may be refused by some contractors.

Four Signs You Should Be Watchful for When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Bad Online Reputation

You will likely need to look at several websites that provide ratings and reviews about contractors in your local area. These reviews are a great place to start when looking for metal roofing contractors in your local area. However, it’s important to take any review sites with a grain-of-salt as not all reviews will be legitimate. You can dig deeper into the online reputation of a roofing contractor by searching their name using words such as “scam”, “rip-off”, “lawsuit,” or “complaint” to find more information.

Low Bids, Upfront Payment in Full

Most metal roofing in Barnstead contractors will require a down payment. However, this should not be a cause for alarm as it is a common practice. Avoid metal roofing contractors who ask for a down payment and/or extremely low bids.

Poor Communication

It’s unlikely that a potential contractor for metal roofing will be responsive during the bidding process. Look for a metal roofing contractor who communicates clearly and responds promptly.

There is no proof of metal roofing experience

An honest metal roofing contractor will share examples and references of previous work with customers. If they don’t have any examples of asphalt roofing they have worked on, or if they are unable to provide references from customers who have used their services, this is often a red flag.

DECRA Metal Roofing

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