Holy Sleet

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It’s raining. No, it’s snowing. No, snow doesn’t bounce when it hits something. It’s sleeting! Took the boy to work up at McDonald’s because neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night shall keep the burgers from their appointed pounds. Road conditions are deteriorating. Steep hill coming back home proved daunting, particularly for the not-so-hot-shot in a pickup truck in front of me, who had been behind me when we rounded the corner at the intersection down in town. A corner I took at a reasonable speed because I could feel the rear wheels spinning. A corner I saw him (in my rear-view mirror) slide sideways around. Once we were both travelling southwards, he decided to pass me. On a slick two-lane road. Covering my car with a spray of road slime. Fine, I’d rather have a lunatic driver in front of me, where I can keep an eye on him. He barreled around me, no doubt feeling pretty smug. Then we reached the hill. About a third of the way up, he started fishtailing. His rear tires were plowing into the asphalt, spewing an arc of slush behind him, yet his speed continued to diminish. I had allowed a fair amount of distance to build up between us, so I watched, bemused, from a distance.

Two thirds of the way up, he was doomed. He couldn’t make it, and his truck ceased all forward motion. Fortunately, there were no other vehicles on the road, so while he sat there pounding his hands on the steering wheel and gunning his engine, my driving-at-a-reasonable-speed-for-the-conditions self cruised past him. (snicker) Icicles are starting to form on the wrought iron park bench out in the yard, and it looks really neat, but you’ll just have to take my word for it, ’cause there ain’t no way I am goin’ out there to take a picture, sorry. The metal forms the shape of an angel though, so I guess that makes this (get ready to groan)…Holy Sleet! When I started this blog, I called it “Digital Doorway”, because that is my domain name, and my ID at E-Bay and Amazon. I tacked on “Enter the Laughter” because this place is supposed to be amusing. I am shortening it to just “Enter the Laughter” because it more accurately reflects what this place is about, and it is easier to type. I changed the title in the banner photo and page code, and I am trying to make the changes at link-y places like Blog Roll. If you have links to me (please God, let someone have links to me) please shorten the name to Enter the Laughter.

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