Holiday entitlement for part-time workers

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All workers and employees can have holiday days. The amount of leave granted to part-time and full-time employees varies.

We are here to tell you how many workers there are if they don’t work full-time.

What holiday entitlements does a part-time worker have?

Each year, workers have to take a minimum of 56 weeks of holiday with pay. This is what we call statutory holiday entitlement for part time workers. Or “Annual leave”.

For those who work five days per week, 28 days is the minimum leave. It is 5 x 56 = 28. For part-time employees, holidays should reflect their normal work week.

It also affects agency workers, people with irregular hours or those on zero-hour contract.

What about public holidays?

You should treat bank holiday staff members with respect. This applies even when bank holidays are occurring.

These days fall on Mondays, so it is important to keep this in mind. This means that if the part time employee isn’t working on Monday, they may get fewer days off.

This is why some businesses offer pro-rata bank holiday entitlement. This allows them to receive the right amount of bank holidays in return.

It doesn’t mean your business has to do this, but it is a good idea.

How to calculate holiday entitlement for part-time employees

You can do this yourself by following a simple formula. If they work three days per week, it would be:

  • This is equivalent to 16.8 days of annual leave if you take 3 x 56.

It’s essentially 5.6 multiplied with the number of work days. This will give you their part-time holiday entitlement.

It is a good business practice to have this information available as soon as possible so that your employees know what options they have when they begin their job.

part time holiday calculator can be used, as shown on the government website.

It is a pro-rata annual leave calculator. This means that it will work out how much the worker has left after reducing their hours.



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