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Hiring a House Cleaning Service

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Since 1995, I have used multiple cleaning services at my home in New York as well as at other homes in Utah and Florida. I’ve learned a lot about how to hire a cleaning service and what I can expect after I have hired one. Here are some tips to help you decide if hiring a cleaning service.

Ten Tips for Hiring a House Cleaning Service

How can you find a professional maid service/house cleaner? A great way to find a reliable maid service is word of mouth. Ask family and friends to recommend a cleaner for your home. Online searches can be used to find an experienced cleaner. Look for the “best cleaning service” or “great service in cleaning in XX”, as well as the “negative reviews” for cleaning services in the XX. You don’t just want to see the praise; you also want to hear the criticism. There is no perfect agency or self-employed cleaner. However, those who have great reviews, great attitudes and excellent quality cleaning might be a good place to start. You can determine your tolerance/pain threshold for these services by looking at the positive and the negative.

Have you ever hired a cleaning service for your home? Are you disappointed with the results of your home cleaning service? Would you prefer to get more from the cleaning service? It can be difficult to find the right person for the job. These are my top 10 tips for hiring a cleaning service.

* Interview multiple potential services.

Interviewing potential candidates for the job is a key part of any job. Interviewing people is a good way to get to know them. Ask if the company will send the same person every day or if they have a rotating staff. Both have their pros and cons. I find that the same person knows my house better than the other person. However, I’ve noticed that the person who cleans my house for me the longest is more likely to miss the places that need cleaning. A downside to having a weekly cleaning crew is that they have to learn my house and I pay for it. It is worth asking how long they have been in the business and how many years they have worked as a cleaner, whether they work full-time or part-time.

* Ensure that the agency or individual cleaner (independent cleaners) is licensed and insured

Background checks have been done by the professional cleaning agency. Will they replace it if something is broken? Repaired? Who will pay for the medical bills if someone is injured in your home?

* Define the scope.

Do you need a weekly, biweekly, monthly or one-time cleaning? You want to clean the entire house. Or just a few rooms? You want to make sure that all your needs are met and to get an estimate from the professional cleaner on how long it will take. This is particularly important if you pay by the hour or a flat fee.

Are they prepared to use a ladder to reach the top shelf? Are your lampshades and furniture regularly vacuumed? Do they have a vacuum? Do you offer a vacuum for each floor? Consider the under-cushions. Do you charge extra for cleaning the fridge? Is it necessary to dust the baseboards on a regular basis? Do you have door and window cases? Is the dog-snot to be removed from the front door? Are nicknacks dusted? What is the cost to clean a basement that has been finished? How do you clean the kitchen floor? Do you mop or use your hands and knees to clean the kitchen floor? Ask about OSHA restrictions. Once, a cleaning company told me that they were not allowed to use ammonia in my home.

My current cleaning service offers a variety between regular cleaning (which is what I do every other week) and deep cleaning (which they do quarterly). There is an additional charge for the extra time required to deep clean my home. You should make a list of the most important tasks that you want to be completed every time. You and the cleaning service might be on the exact same page. It’s better to ask questions than assume.

* Be sure to clearly state the price!

It is possible that there might be a significant difference between an hourly and flat rate charges. You should ensure that there are no hidden charges when you hire a professional cleaning agency (agency). Hire an individual cleaner to ensure they pay their taxes and are covered by social security. To ensure that you aren’t hiring the person as an employee, but as an independent contractor, consult an accountant. You will be subject to significant tax consequences if you hire one person over the other. You must ensure that you compare apples to apples, and understand the cost of your scheduled cleaning.

* Make sure to notify the cleaning crew of any pets

You may also have to consider allergy or phobia concerns. It may seem normal to think that a white rat can be allowed to roam free in your house. Whitey may be beaten with a broom by the house cleaner if Whitey is not careful. A cleaner may need to schedule extra time for a dog who sheds a lot of fur. They may not be willing or able to clean out the birdcage’s litter box. These services might also be charged an additional fee.

* Who supplies the cleaning products

I’ve stayed away from ultra-green companies that won’t use a Swiffer to clean my furniture. Instead, I would prefer to spray it down and wipe off the dust. No matter how gentle the spray, I do not want any chemicals on my wooden furniture. Vinegar is a great cleaner but it will damage my marble floors. There are very few cleaners that won’t leave streaks on stainless steel appliances. I want to make sure that my products are used by the right cleaning company. The best cleaners will leave you happy and clean your floors, furniture, and appliances.

Note: I prefer to provide my own cleaning products. This way I can see what chemicals are being used. Some cleaning companies will bring their own products or give you a list. Make sure to ask questions so that there are no misunderstandings.

* Discuss with the service how many guests will be coming to you home.

You know how much time it takes to clean your house. You should expect that a professional cleaning company will be able complete the same task in six (6) hours. One person is better than two (2) hours of labor in my home. Cleaning is hard work and I don’t want to have to hire a cleaner all day. This means that one person will spend more time cleaning your house in 6 hours than three people who work together for 2 hours. People slow down when they feel tired. You may also feel tired and want only one person cleaning your house all day. I’ve had cleaning crews of 4-5 people or one person. The crew is my preference. However, each to his own.

* Decide whether you will be at home during the cleaning.

Most companies/individuals give an arrival time frame. The first service will not be done on time. If you’re willing to give the service a key to your home (or a code, if you have coded locks or security systems), you won’t be tied to it for that period.

* Don’t clean your home before the cleaning service arrives.

Believe me, you will not be the messiest/dirtiest/most disgusting house a seasoned house cleaner has ever seen, especially if they do trash-outs.

* Pick up and clear away clutter.

Cleaners can do a better job if there are less clutter on surfaces. It takes time to move clutter. Some agencies won’t do it. It is important to get rid of your junk. Don’t forget about cash, prescription medication, and jewelry. You have done the licensing and bonding checks, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Never have I ever had a cleaner snoop on me or take anything. Ever. There is always the first time.


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