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Hillside Foundation Repair

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Hillside foundation repair is a must-have home improvement project. Hillside Foundation repair in Los Angeles can be necessary for many reasons. We saw several houses fall to the ground recently after heavy rains, fires, and severe storms caused damage to hillside homes. Homes built before 1930 will experience structural failures, as safety and building standards have greatly improved.

If your property is on a hill and requires foundation repair, We would love to hear your ideas. Novel Remodeling foundation contractors are able to handle any job, no matter how small or large. Since 1995, Novel Remodeling foundation contractors have never turned away any client who needs foundation repairs.

Foundation Maintenance Ordinance

A new ordinance has been created by the city to require homeowners to repair their homes before it is too late. Hillsides properties are at a disadvantage from earthquakes, mudslides and foundation shifts. No matter how well your home is built, homeowners should expect cracks in the stucco and slight tilting. Novel Remodeling offers honest foundation repairs. When we accept a job, we are foundation experts and can offer our 15-years of experience in this field.


For mudslides, it is important to have a retainer wall for homes that are located on a hillside. This is especially true during heavy rainstorms. We rarely see rain in the area, but our hills are not well-equipped to handle it. This causes most homeowners to lose their backyards to mudslides. Sometimes, mudslides can reach the home through the backyard. It is important to immediately notify your insurance company and hire a professional to handle your home’s restoration.


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