Here’s How You Can Throw The Most Fun Wedding Reception

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Weddings are all about emotions, elegance and all things pretty. Wedding receptions are about dancing, drinking and celebrating the newlyweds. They are the moments when everybody is finally free of their wedding duties and ready to just have some fun. It’s the time that requires the most planning and execution of reception ideas because everyone who’ll be attending the wedding will be looking forward to have lots of fun at the reception.

Here are some tips and secrets for you to help you throw the most fun and royal wedding reception.

1. Plan It As A Party

It may be called a wedding reception but it’s actually an excuse to party with the newly weds so treat it as one too. Planning a reception just like you would plan a huge party for all your friends, will ensure that your friends actually have fun and not get bored. Get the entrance songs, the decorations, the drinks and the food just the way you would at a really fancy party. Getting a violinist for your reception is a great idea but your friends will eventually get drunk and want to dance with you on some of your favourite tunes so never compromise on a rocking dance stage.

Get fun props and a wedding photo booth on hire in London for your friends to get some fun clicks and take them back as souvenirs. You can also play some wedding reception games or have game stalls so that your friends are entertained throughout the event.

2. Include the Guests’ Choices Too & Music

When it comes to deciding things like food menu, songs collection, dresses code, drinks etc., you might always feel like adding your favourites. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of guests other than you, who are going to join you in the evening. Don’t eliminate options just because you don’t like them. Keep a variety of everything so that different people who like different things can find their choice of things too. If you are not sure about what all to include, ask your friends and close family members for suggestions. Even your caterer and bar organiser will be able to tell you what are the popular choices at wedding receptions for food and liquor. So, don’t ignore opinions and keep plenty of options.

3. Personal Invitations & Attention to Guests

Remember that everyone present at the wedding reception is there to have fun with you, the newlyweds. So give them that chance to chill and hangout with you , even if it’s for a little while. Try and meet each guest or groups of guests at the wedding reception and spend little bit of time with everyone. If your guests don’t get a chance to meet, dance or just congratulate you, it will defy the whole purpose of them being there at your reception. So try and ensure that you spend time and celebrate with everyone.

4. Plan Something for the Kids

All your guests who have kids will want something for them too, so that the adults can enjoy a drink or two and celebrate with the bride and groom. You should have a separate play area for the kids and maybe hire someone to watch them over. You can get a fun photo booth on hire in London for the kids. You can also get a bouncy castle for them along with a separate table for the kids with a separate kids menu, serving all that is favourite among the little ones.


A wedding reception is a mix of an emotional evening spent celebrating like it’s a party. It’s the most fun part of the wedding because that’s when all the tears and emotions are dried up and it’s time to pop the champagne. If you treat it the way it’s supposed to be and make it a fun party for everyone, you can bet everyone will go home happy. But if your wedding reception is as emotional as a wedding, then you’ll seriously miss out on the crazy wedding dances. So, once you’ve said ‘i do’ and kissed each other, it’s time to crank up the volume and break dance!


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