Here’s How You Can Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For A Party

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Do you have a party coming up and want to make use of your outdoor space for it? It can really be an awesome party if you plan it properly to every last detail. Outdoor spaces like patios and lawns have a lot of potential to turn into a beautiful party venues. If you’re ready to put in the work for it, here’s how you can surprise your friends with a rocking party right in your backyard.

1. Landscaping and Painting

The first step to hosting a party in any place is readying it. For outdoor spaces, this would mean getting your lawn landscaped and the walls or doors painted. If you have an outdoor space that’s not a lawn, like a patio, ensure that it is well painted and not chipped off from anywhere.

In landscaping, get your lawn mowed, plants and trees trimmed and get your pots lined up. If you want to add some colour to your outdoor space then add some flowers to your lawn.

2. Sound System

A party is incomplete without some light music to keep you company. Get the sound system sorted for your party. You can either have a pair of wireless speakers connected to your phone via bluetooth or you can get a large sound system setup especially for the party.

3. Seating

For a party you will need more seating than you currently have in your lawn or patio. You can get large bean bags for your lawn and arrange them in small groups so that your seating is well scattered all over the space. Remember that during the party there will be different groups of people spread out all over the place. Make sure that you have enough seating for all of them at different spots in your space.

4. Lighting and Decor

Every house party should have enough lighting and this is something that you’ll have to focus on. You can get coloured lights to hang on weight- bearing hooks, which aren’t too difficult to screw. You can also place small lamps at different spots but you will have to ensure that the end of the lights and lamps is near an electrical source.

To add colour and spice up the place in terms of its decor, you can get some colourful outdoor cushion covers which you can use to cover your indoor cushions. The benefit of using outdoor cushion covers on your indoor cushions is that your indoor cushions will not get dirty and you’ll just have to change the covers.

5. Food and Drinks

It would be a good idea to shift your bar outdoors for the party because that would make it easier for everyone at the party to get their drinks. If you don’t already have a bar setup in your outdoor space, don’t worry. Get a tiered rolling cart and use that as a bar. They look really cute and are the affordable way to setup a bar for a party.

6. Shelter

If you’re hosting a party in the monsoons or a day party in the summer, you might want to think about getting a shelter for the party. Invest in an awning or summer umbrellas to give your guests some temporary respite from the sun if the need arises.


It’s always better to be prepared for the worst and expect the best when it comes to planning events. Imagine all the possible problems that could arise at the party and be ready with their solutions. Chances are that everything will go smoothly but it’s wise to be prepared.


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