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Hardwood Flooring Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

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Over the years, hardwood flooring has gained enough popularity and currently, for now, it’s one of the most preferred flooring types for homeowners. There are currently many products out there in the market which are trying to mimic the overall looks of hardwood flooring, such as engineered vinyl planks, porcelain tiles and the likes. However, such styles can only give you the feel while getting real hardwood will provide you with real materials. 

Hardwood flooring is a timeless classic, has a comfortably warm texture, stylish, looks natural and can easily last over a century. It will easily make your home look refined and later on you can even change the style and colour as you want. 

Flooring Trends 2020

  • Cool And Dark Toned Hardwoods

In the current market, the trend of hardwood flooring with the help of wooden flooring Wellington mostly tends towards the darker colours which easily keeps on getting more popular. Since the last decade, such a style has been on the rise. Normally there are two types of customers who are interested in this style:

  • Customers who like to prioritise style over maintenance and thereby such customers mainly go towards darker shades.
  • Customers who like dark colours but want the floors to be lighter in colour so that they’re easier to maintain.

It doesn’t matter which side are you on, one thing you can expect to be always consistent, i.e. tones that are cooler in colour are always preferred. In the current market, customers are slowly moving away from warmer tones such as reds and browns. When cool tones are used both on the floor as well as on the walls, they always go hand in hand. Some customers even add a touch of grey to brown for lighting it a little bit – thereby adding depth and coolness to the overall colour palette. 

In case you’re going for darker tones, ensure that you select colours such as dark walnut, ebony, jacobean or even true black. 

  • Grey Hardwoods

Grey coloured hardwood flooring has been on the rise and the demand started around the year 2010 or 2011. The idea started to kick-start around the year 2012 and there was no stopping. Even in 2020, it’ll be a legendary style in terms of colour and finish. 

In the current market, there has been more variation in the grey colour such as silvered grey, warm grey, rustic grey and so on. The variations look great and increase the overall choices for the end consumer as well. 

  • Natural, Light Coloured And Muted Hardwoods

When you look at light shades, the extreme opposite form of the dark is light and that is what this style is all about. This is the second most popular hardwood flooring styles that you’ll be seeing in 2012. The theme that is followed in this style is a consistent one and it’s all about drowning out the yellow colour for a cooler tone. 

Such hardwood flooring will provide you with a more contemporary look. The wood will look much more natural and it will not contain the yellowish looking tint. 

  • Whitewashed Hardwoods

Whitewashed floors are back in demand and they’ve also grown in popularity as well. Whitewashed floors were the rage back in the 1980s and in current times they’ve been modernised and reinvented. 

The current whitewashed floors are matte and subtle in overall character. Such colours work best when combined with wood types such as oak. The mineral streaks on the wooden planks of oak give the colour a more contemporary style. 


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