A Beginner’s Guide for Stand-up Paddle Boarding!

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If you are resolving for fitness and sports activities this New Year, then we suggest you try stand-up paddleboarding. It’s a wonderful sport and exciting activity that lets you enjoy the waves and sea even better than swimming. The experience in itself is amazing and if you know the right tricks and tips to carry out this activity, nothing can stop you from enjoying it to the hilt.

The Right Guide for Excellent Stand-up Paddleboarding!

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is basically a water sport or activity that involves standing on a surfboard and paddling with a canoe or a paddle across the river. Since this activity is very easy, its popularity is increasing rapidly across the globe. And you’ll also find some excellent additions to it like the SUP yoga and fishing getting famous as well. But since you are a beginner, you will require following some steps for a safer experience.

  • Get trained well — You just can’t start stand up paddle boarding suddenly one fine day. You will have to be trained in this activity. And that is why we suggest you opt for the training of SUP boarding via Psyched Paddle Boarding. They’ll train you perfectly for this sport and can even provide you a group tour and night tours for the same amidst the most captivating locations. Along with this training, don’t forget to brush your swimming skills as well.
  • Get the best gear —When it is water sports, you just can’t risk your life because of low-quality gear. Remember to either hire or buy the right surfboard and the pedal for the activity. If there is a slight mistake here, your entire experience goes haywire and there’s also a danger of risking your safety.
  • Use a leash — Guaranteeing utmost safety stays important when you are new to stand up paddleboarding. So, using a leash becomes essential. You can tether yourself to the surfboard with a good quality leash. This leash ensures that no matter how the water current is, you’ll be connected to your board and eventually get back to the shore with or without a paddle.
  • Make a habit to check the wind direction before going on board — Whether you are a beginner or a trained SUP expert, always make it a habit to check the wind’s direction before you jump into the water. Your fun time can actually turn into torture if the direction of the wind is in the opposite way when you are heading to the sea.
  • The right posture — Another essential factor you should remember is to maintain the right posture. Your head should be held high and upfront, you should be facing the right direction and stand extremely straight balancing yourself fully. This ensures that you are stable on the board which is extremely important in order to carry out this task perfectly.

With these tips, even you as a beginner are going to create amazing records in stand-up paddle boarding. But remember to stay safe and never try the dangerous stunts.

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