Going on a Wine Tour? 5 Biggest Mistakes You Should Never Be Guilty of!

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You thought wine tasting is like just another casual picnic day?! So, you took out your sundress and stilettoes and headed for it? Well, let us tell you, a vineyard isn’t just any place to picnic and a wine room isn’t at all your pub to party! There’s so much more to the wine tours than restricting it to such a narrow perspective.

Once you plan a wine tasting tour, whether it’s your first trip or the tenth one, ensure to do at least a little homework. You are actually going to survey an entire field of grapes and study its life cycle from the garden to the table, visit the cellars where the ripe grapes are churned and processed in order to create special types of wines, witness the bottling procedure, so on and so forth — come on, it isn’t a joke! Aren’t you underestimating your visit if you just thought it to be a stroll and drinking time in the fields/tasting room?

 Some massive mistakes you should avoid at your wine tasting tour:

Wine tasting tour is anything but an afternoon of getting drunk! So better watch your thoughts if you think you are going to have a gala time devouring large quantities of wine. Apart from these thoughts, there are more mistakes that you could be making in your wine tasting tours — which you should avoid. Read all about them below:

  1. An unplanned trip without a driver — That’s the first grave mistake you may be making! First of all, most wineries don’t entertain visitors than just the members a bus or a van can fit it. So, in order to actually take a successful tour, avoid surprise trips and let them know about your booking beforehand. Also, if you think you can drive the car to and from the tour, you are simply risking your life and of others too. Either appoint a driver for driving, or hire Cheers Bus for Hunter Valley wine tasting tours. They’ll see to it that you enjoy the entire session pretty well — guiding you throughout the tour – from vineries to the tasting rooms — and also ensure that your tour is luxurious too, thanks to their cushioned seats and comfortable buses.
  2. Treating the tasting room like a bar — Just because you are getting wines served, doesn’t mean that you can treat a tasting room like a bar. A tasting room has some etiquettes. If you get drunk here, spatting and creating a scene, then you are neither justifying your tour, nor honouring the dignity of the place at all. Most wineries are family owned, and they take their business and reputation very seriously. Better limit your drinks and behave sophistically than getting embarrassed in front of your co-travellers.
  3. Not asking questions — If you are on a wine tour and you aren’t gaining any knowledge of the same, then your total trip is wasted. The wines you are having or the fields you are gazing at offer so much to learn from. You can ask those questions popping in your mind without hesitation (but no pranks please!). 
  4. Drinking dumbly — Well, are you just tasting all those kinds of wines without knowing the differences in them? Sorry to say, but this can be dumb drinking! You have come to learn about the nuances of each wine, the unique texture, taste, food pairing and more. Also, the tasting room is for just that – tasting! So you may even spit out some wine you taste so that you don’t get drunk sampling the ample varieties.
  5. Going around in an empty stomach — So, are you too engrossed in the tour and the drinking, and you actually forgot to eat anything? (Don’t worry; they do serve some finger food with the drinks). If you are too long without food, then you surely are making a mistake here. Ensure to have your (proper) breakfast before the tour, and keep nibbling something during the tasting session. 

Wine trips can be amazing! Don’t let it get ruined due to the above mistakes. Avoid them and enjoy a wonderful time exploring the vineyards.


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