Get The Best Genuine GM Replacement Lifters

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For your LS engine, LSX Performance Parts is pleased to offer a selection of Genuine GM LS7 and Johnson replacement lifters.

The LS7 lifters can perfectly replace conventional lifters, notorious for starting noisy—often with a ticking sound—and progressing into a much bigger problem.

These lifters will save you time and hassles by preventing problems like damaging your camshaft and requiring expensive labour before they become a problem.

A cylindrical part separates a car’s camshaft, and the cylinder valves are called a lifter. Control of the intake and exhaust valves is its primary duty. The lifter is one of the most crucial parts of an automobile engine that affects engine performance. The pushrod will shift out of place if a lifter in an engine malfunction. If a lifter malfunctions, it could result in a dead cylinder, harming rocker arms, valves, and, worst case, the entire engine.

The most frequent and efficient course of action when a lifter is defective is to replace it. The competent and knowledgeable mechanics at Independent Motorsports have been providing auto repair services for a long time. They are experts in what they do and can  simply handle the replacement of the lifters in your car. 

One of the best lifter manufacturers in the world provides the LS7 lifters that we sell. Johnson Lifters, which claims to be the best lifter manufacturer in America, is the source of all of our lifters. The cost of the greatest lifters in the world that they provide is fairly reasonable, and are confident that it won’t strain your finances.

How can you come to know if the lifters in your automobile are broken? 

Engine light indicators are built into every car and let the driver know if the engine is malfunctioning. There are other ways to determine whether your lifter is malfunctioning, though. Some signs of a faulty or broken lifter include a dead cylinder, engine misfires, strange noises, and stickiness in the lifter.

Things to Note: Keep in mind that no roller lifter should be permitted to rotate inside the lifter bore since the roller tip needs to be parallel to the cam lobe. Every roller lifter configuration has a mechanism for maintaining lifter registration and preventing lifter body rotation. Simply said, the LS engines employ a different retention strategy (plastic tray). The lifters’ flat surfaces line up with the flat-facing pockets in the lifter trays. Lifters are kept in the plane with the cam lobes by this flat-to-flat interaction.

Has GM addressed the lifter problem?

GM has not yet announced any widespread recalls. Fortunately, it appears that there is a solution to the lifters’ issue that is effective. The unnamed dealership mechanic stated that when we can acquire the components, it’s a relatively rapid repair and it’s a one-and-done remedy.

What Does LS7 Lifters Upgrade Include?

  • Genuine General Motors Performance LS7 lifters, part number 12499225
  • A set of genuine AC Delco lifter guides
  • One GM head gasket set (Please Select Required Option)
  • One set of GM head bolts (Select Required Option)
  • Australia-wide free shipping

Are they covered by the warranty?

Lifters are often covered by the drivetrain warranty provided by the manufacturer, but you must provide documentation of any manufacturer-recommended maintenance. They are legally entitled to reject any warranty repairs if you skipped services.

What Makes LS7 Lifters the Best choice?

Your OEM lifters are spring-loaded to start.

The problem begins with the spring-loaded lifters, which are renowned for breaking down and effectively eating away at your camshaft.

LS7 lifters are straight drop-in replacements for standard lifters and are created to solve their usual problems. By making this upgrade, you may be sure to stop problems in their tracks.


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