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Your company can improve safety, speed, and efficiency with the right material handling equipment in Melbourne. You can expect a higher product throughput, which will translate into increased sales. This will make your boss happy.

#1 Custom Lift Table

Your company will be a big success with custom lift tables that raise the work surface to an ergonomically comfortable height for employees. Modular is a great option! You can attach heavy-duty casters to these lift tables so that employees can customize the assembly line to meet the changing needs of your product.

#2 Industrial Racks

Are you stuffed with stuff on your tables? Are you wishing you had more shelves? You should stop complaining about industrial racks. These racks, unlike shelves, can be moved to fit your changing production space. Industrial racks can:

  • Preserve your super valuable floor space
  • Long-term organization of other equipment and tools
  • Eliminating clutter from your work space will keep it safe

You can have industrial racks made to order or ready-made. You can customize the storage to suit your specific requirements.

#3 Work Positioners

Maybe you thought #1 Custom Lift Tables was too complex for your product. Perhaps you are looking to combine multiple products into one unit capable of performing multiple tasks.

Poorly positioned objects and materials can pose a danger to workers and their businesses. You can prevent worker injury and damage to your materials by investing in a custom-designed work positioner for your product, and your assembly process.

#4 Industrial Carts

Put some wheels on your work positioner. Why not add a shelf? You now have an industrial cart that prevents injury to workers and helps them organize their tools. It also allows employees to move products from one area to another with ease.

Industrial carts come in many sizes and shapes, but you should think about customizing them for your specific needs, employee comfort, and to simplify operations.

Everyone in manufacturing should use custom industrial carts to increase safety, efficiency, speed, and prevent equipment damage.

#5 Reusable Cates

Consider your crate packaging and ask yourself, “Is it being used multiple time?” Are you storing it for long periods? Is it possible to introduce it earlier in the manufacturing process so that it is used as part of the product, rather than an afterthought?

Reusable crates last longer than one-time use crates. Wood crates can be made to last longer outdoors by using different design elements. They can also be easy to open or close and stackable, just to name a few.


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