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Gas Stove & Oven Repair In Melbourne

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A well-functioning oven is a must-have appliance in any kitchen. A well-functioning oven is essential for any household, whether you love to cook elaborate meals for your family or simple one-pot meals for your own consumption.

Craig’s Gas and Plumbing offers affordable oven repairs in Melbourne and stove repair that will keep you in the kitchen. A gas stove that flickers, or stops working in the middle of cooking can be very frustrating. It is not only annoying, but it can also pose a fire hazard and cause damage to your home and property. We can help you with any issues that may arise with your stoves or ovens. We will fix your appliance quickly and get it back to normal.

We know that an electric oven that is not working properly or breaks down can cause major disruptions in your daily life. You have to cook for your family. Our professional and trained technicians will arrive on time and get to work as soon as you call them. You can rely on our exceptional service to quickly diagnose the problem and provide an appliance repair solution.

Are you experiencing an oven that isn’t turning on? Is your oven suddenly turning off during cooking? Are your oven’s heating elements not working properly? We can repair simple stoves or ovens as well as replace complex spare parts.

Affordable Oven Repairs in Melbourne

To find leakages or other problems in your oven, we thoroughly inspect it. We can fix any malfunctioning burners or pilots to ensure that your gas stove is safe and ready for use. All major and minor repairs to gas stoves and ovens can be done by us. Craig’s Gas and Plumbing can solve any problem, including a broken or loose part, a blockage or leakage in the pipe, or an entire breakdown.

To keep your gas stove running for many years, we supply and install genuine spares. We know the problems a fake spare part can cause. We only use high-quality spare parts and provide a 1-year parts warranty for all ovens and stoves repairs and service.

General Information on Stove Installations

The pricing is intended to be used for direct replacement of similar gas appliances. Additional charges may apply to larger appliances (a cabinet maker may need to be used), gas leaks that are associated with existing gas lines, flexible gas connects if necessary, and benchtops that have to be cut. All prices include GST.

Why Craig’s Gas and Plumbing

Quality Appliances, Reliable Repairs

Craig’s Gas and Plumbing installs only high-quality gas stoves in all types of domestic kitchens. Expert technicians are trained in the installation and repair of gas stoves in Melbourne . To give our customers peace-of-mind, we offer a three month warranty on labor and a twelve month guarantee on parts.

Board certified technicians

Craig’s Gas and Plumbing only sends certified technicians out to fix your gas stove. We are able to handle all aspects of your gas stove repair needs, including chef stove repairs, oven repairs, and bosch gas cooker top repair.

A malfunctioning oven can cause serious damage to your property and health.

Do you have any doubts about whether your oven needs to be checked by a professional. These are the signs that your oven requires immediate repair.

  • An oven that is properly functioning should make no unusual noises. There is a problem with your oven if you hear strange noises like whirring, buzzing, or tickling. Our oven repairman can inspect it immediately.
  • Is your oven emitting a questionable odour? It could indicate a gas leak or warped wire, or other serious issues. We can send an oven repair technician to your location in no time.
  • If your food turns out always burnt or undercooked it could be that your oven isn’t heating properly. For excellent service and repairs, contact our oven technician.
  • Your oven may take a while to turn on, or it might shut off completely out of the blue. It requires regular maintenance.

Craig’s Gas & Plumbing can provide the best maintenance and repair services.

Affordable Stove Repairs in Melbourne

Looking for qualified technicians to repair your gas stove or oven in Melbourne? Craig’s Gas & Plumbing offers quick and convenient stove repair and maintenance services in the North & Western Suburbs. Our services are affordable and won’t break the bank.

We have over 25 years experience and all the latest tools. We are qualified and well-equipped to repair any type of gas stove or oven.

We will send an expert service member to your stove or oven, regardless of whether it’s your old stove or a new installation.

It can be difficult to find a stove repair specialist who offers high-quality services at affordable prices. People often make the wrong decision when faced with a multitude of options that are too expensive.

Craig’s Gas & Plumbing is the best choice to avoid regretting later.

What makes us Melbourne’s Best Stove Repair Service?

It is difficult to repair gas stoves or provide oven fixing services. To get the best results, you need to be alert to potential pitfalls and take the time to understand the process. Many parts are required to repair gas stoves or ovens. It is possible to cause electrical faults and gas leaks by not being trained to repair them. The problem could be worsened if the technician is not experienced.

Our skilled technicians can handle complex parts for gas stoves and ovens. Craig’s Gas & Plumbing has a staff that is well-trained and most have more than 25 years experience.

We have been repairing gas stoves and ovens for almost two decades. We are also aware of common faults during the lifetime of gas appliances so we can fix them quickly. Our solutions are always the best on the market because we are well-versed in the most recent technological advances.



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