Food Hygiene Practices To Adopt For Your Corporate Event

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You do not want people to remember your event ad identify it with the day they got sick. Well, when people come to attend your event, rest assured they are going to eat what you serve. You need to ensure everything you serve is hygienic and safe to eat. 

It is important to spend a good amount of time on deciding the menu of your event. But once you hand the reins over to event planners, make sure they take care of hygiene and food safety. You need to make it your point of focus as an event owner because many event planners ignore the importance of food safety in the meanwhile. 

This article aims to introduce you to a three-point strategy that will help you ensure food safety in your upcoming event. 

Three-point Strategy to Ensure Food Hygiene in Your Event  

What’s the number of attendees you are expecting for your upcoming event? The answer is irrelevant. How many of them will eat at your event? Ninety percent, if you’re modest at best. If they dine there and develop a sickness, the only highlight of your event in their mind would be this: bad food.

Thus you need to ensure food hygiene and safety at your event. For this, you must seek only the best Event Companies who will take complete responsibility for sanitary conditions of their catering services. You can monitor those services by ensuring the following: 

  • Separate Raw and Cooked Food Items

Cross-contamination is one of the major mistakes that many cooks and caterers make. They ignore the need and urgency of keeping the raw and cooked food materials separately. You need to ensure that they keep food items separate, especially when they are storing them for a little extended period. 

You also need to ensure that they go to maximum lengths to avoid cross-contamination. Thus, consider the cleanliness of workers, surfaces, and utensils. Also, consider appropriate practices for the storage of food, disposal of waste, keeping pests, and pets away from the cooking and storage areas. 

Even when buying groceries, the items must be brought I separate bags. While you cannot carry out all of this by yourself, do not forget to convey all the essential instructions to your event planning professional. 

  • Keep Items at Safe Temperatures

It is common knowledge that bacteria grow at a place with a favorable temperature. You must not let the cooked or raw items out in the open where bacteria may attack quickly. It is imperative to check the temperatures of freezers and fridge frequently.  The optimum temperature for the fridge is below 5 C, and for the freezer, it needs to be below -18C. 

When it comes to storage of items like meat, sandwich fillers, and dairy, you must ensure they do not remain out of the fridge for more than 2 hours in a stretch. In case the food items are to be transported after preparation to another location, encourage the use of insulated boxes with cold packs.  

The key is to avoid bacteria and cross-contamination at any cost to maintain the nutritive value of your event menu items.  

  • Anti-bacterial Sprays for Cooking Area

Food preparation surfaces are often neglected by the cooks and culinary workers. These surfaces, if not cleaned before starting food preparations, may cause the items to be infected by bacteria even before you start cooking. Thus you need to ensure that the workers clean the surfaces and shelves they will be utilizing. 

Ensure that they are provided with the anti-bacterial sprays. Request the catering staff to use the spray along with hot water to clean all the work surfaces. Effective cleaning of these surfaces is necessary to keep the bacteria from spreading in the food items. Encourage the application of disinfectants with the correct ratio of dilution and adequate contact time. 

You can rely on reputable event companies in Dubai to make sure that separate tongs and chopping boards are used for raw and cooked food items. Similarly, separate containers and cooling boxes need to be used for raw and cooked food products for the safety of food items.

Prioritize the Hygiene and Health of Your Event Attendees!

A corporate event is mainly centered on a specific set of goals. Since you are running a business and want to use this event as a branding tool, food safety can is essential to save the reputation of your business when you host it. What you can do more to cash on the idea of hygiene and food safety is to hand sanitizers to the event attendees at the washbasins.

You can market food safety and hygiene by employing creativity in event planning and organization. It will help boost your event image and, eventually, your business profitability. 

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