Fisherman’s Friends – 4 Vehicle Upgrades to Improve Your Next Fishing Trip

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Fishing is a simple pastime for many people, but there are ways to improve it for the sake of comfort and convenience. For example, fishing from the shoreline is a cost-effective method, but heading out on a boat usually results in a bigger, tastier haul for dinner. 

The same rule applies to your vehicle: basic is fine, but upgrades are far more fun and efficient. The following vehicle upgrades will have you (or the fishing enthusiast in your family) in a state of ecstasy on your next fishing trip. 

Better Illumination

You would be surprised at how many people damage boats, vehicles, and public property while trying to load or unload watercraft. It’s hard enough during the day, but throw dusk, dawn, or murky conditions into the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. 

That’s why LED driving lights are an ideal vehicle upgrade for almost anyone. When positioned in the right place, you get to enjoy the full force of powerful LED bulbs illuminating the early-morning or late-night skies. Once installed, you’ll only have your lack of skill to blame for any vehicular damage. So, be careful!

Rod Holders

It’s every fishing enthusiast’s worst nightmare: You finally catch the largest fish of your life and start reeling it in with gusto. It’s going to feed a village; it’s going to get your name and photo in the paper. You might even break local records. But instead of breaking records, you break your rod. 

Poorly stored rods can have more of an impact than you think. Continual motion, rubbing, and abrasions, can wear down even the most high-quality rod. You also have to factor in how easy it is for lines to tangle when the rods are rolling around in the bed of a truck. 

If you invest in rod holders that position your fishing poles securely in place or pipes with lockable PVC end caps, then you’ll never have to worry about the “what ifs” of the fish that got away. 

Storage Boxes

You would be surprised at how much gear comes in handy on the average fishing trip. Everything from bait, lures, and spare line to a packed lunch and life jackets are must-have additions to any vehicle when you head for the water. If you don’t have a storage system in place, however, your car can end up in a mess, especially once you’ve had to rifle through it a few times to hunt for that one thing you need. 

What’s more, unsecured items in a vehicle are dangerous should they fly off or out while you’re driving. Invest in storage boxes and organizational systems to add a sense of order and safety to your next fishing trip. 

Wet Boxes

A wet box can serve you well for all sorts of watersports, fishing included. You can find these in different sizes, but basically what they are is a storage box that you secure to the bed of your truck for the sole purpose of holding wet gear. 

Rather than letting it stink out the cab or wet your seats, you can put those waders, wet suits, and muddy rain gear in a dedicated box to cater for such things. If you are making one rather than buying one, make sure you drill a hole in the bottom of each corner to allow water to drain away as you drive. 

Before your next trip, consider investing in a few of the helpful vehicle upgrades above. Then all you need to worry about is bringing home a bounty of fish for the dinner table.


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