Festivities Are Just Around The Corner! Is Your home Ready For The Celebrations?

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It’s ringing bells for festivities. Are you ready to welcome the celebrations with open arms? Oh wait! There’s so much left to do! From organising to cleaning, from decorating to picking up the right gifts, and choosing the best attires to flaunt (and everything in between! Phew!). Festivals bring around so much excitement and vigour along with them. But also send our way the arrangements that have to be made.

Apart from listing the guests and checking the gifts (and self indulgences!) from your favourite online portal, you also need to get your home ready for the festivals. Why? ‘Coz your abode is what sets the mood – festival, zen, cheerful – all of it. Also, perhaps you are someone who’d like to have friends and family around in your pad! Naturally, you’d like to host with a flourish. Be it the Halloween Hullabaloo, Treats for Thanksgiving or Christmas/ New Year bonanza – you wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Or, even if you like quiet celebration in soul searching solitude, the ambience should create the mood too. Preparing your pad, thus, becomes necessary. 

 How to get your home festival ready?

Your home can look all sweet and charming, only if you give it a little attention. It all needs a little pre planning – cleaning, organisation, decluttering, decorating – then only would it sparkle and dazzle on the festive days. Check below for the ways in which you can give your home a festive spark:

  •  Festival cleaning — Though we keep (or at least should!) our homes tidy and clean the whole year, festivals call for a thorough cleaning session. Give time and attention to every nook and crannies — like carpet cleaning, kitchen tidying, kitchen and pantry organisation, changing the drapes and other soft furnishings, etc.  Also, your home’s exterior needs attention. You can simply call for professionals for this, as this task can be really difficult and need a lot of effort and expertise too. Also, as the list of work that needs done here is pretty long too, you alone won’t be able to thoroughly clean the entire outdoor space on your own. The best idea here can be to connect with professionals like those from Power Blasting Services for exterior house washing in Auckland. They’ll wash away all the tough dirt and dust from your deck, garden, garage, etc., and grant a clean and shining home in no time. Attention should also be given to windows, gutters and roof. Once the thorough cleaning of your home is done, you can concentrate on decorating it.
  • Clear the clutter — . Most of us are hoarders by nature. Be it coupons or clothes, containers or centrepieces – we keep accumulating stuff, until one day we feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all! Now is the best time to donate them. Sort what you need, and get rid of the rest. This would only help you find space for all the festive shopping you have planned. Even if you aren’t shopping, the clutter should be cleared, as this would allow you to take control of your own space.
  • Touch up and re-organisation— Just as you would want your near and dear ones to feel special in the festive days, the same love and care you should show your home too. It’s it the time to touch up your home’s façade –smoothen that dented wall, touch up the peeling paint, , fix the fused bulb, polish the floor —all these would give your home a cheerful and elegant look, and add to the sparkle. Even moving the furniture around, organising your home in a new layout would make the old seem new to the onlookers.
  • Decorate it nicely — Now comes the fun part! Adorn the home the way you want. Start from the front porch and door – for that’s what would welcome everyone!  Put a wreath on your main door. You may bring in those fairy lights. Scented candles would add to the ambiance. The options are many. The choices are yours. Dress up your abode and bask in its beauty.
  • Light up the place —Lights add a celebratory feel. Be it fairy lights or chandeliers – illuminate to entice. Oh, while you are at it, have you seen those colour changing lights? Add them to change the aura of your room with every changing mood.
  • Bring out the fineries— We all have those special crystal-stemware, the silverware from the trousseau, the satin bedspread we reserve for special occasions – you get the picture, right? It’s time to flaunt all those fineries!

With all these done, now you can put your feet up and wait for the festive fervour to set in, and simply join the jubilation with your loved ones! 

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