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Factors to Consider Before Buying Garage Doors for Your Home

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There’s no doubt that a quality garage door will last you for many years to come or even decades. Therefore, it makes absolute sense to spend extra and get the best option out there, rather than settling for the cheapest option. 

The extra time and effort you’ll put in the process will be fruitful in the long-term. You’ll not only get a better product but also increased satisfaction and peace of mind.

Modern Garage Doors


 1. Always Try To Get A Quote Personally

 If you’re planning to order your garage door over the phone, then you’re asking for nothing but trouble. Each garage door is different in how they look and operate – thereby you need to check the shape of your garage, its size, headroom, side clearance and the likes as well. Furthermore, if the salesperson that you’re talking to is experienced and knowledgeable, then he or she will further help you make better decisions and choices. If any problem arises in the midst of such a procedure, you can easily correct it then and there itself.  

You can always invite the salesperson to your home and after you’ve finalized the deal, you can further ask for install garage door services.

 2. Upgrading Your Garage Insulation

In case you want to splurge on an insulated garage door, then your first job will be to upgrade your garage wall insulation. You can upgrade from normal polystyrene insulation to an upgraded polyurethane. This will help you get better results, almost by 15 – 20 per cent. Moreover, the money you’ll be spending on your insulated garage door will be well worth the extra price. 

 3. Spend Extra For Better Spring System

Your garage door depends on its springs to go down as well as up in an easy and quick manner. Regular garage doors mostly use torsion springs, which can easily be seen above the door. These springs are coiled in shape.

Standard springs have a life-cycle rated at just 10,000 cycles – which can be less for some homeowners who open their doors many times a day. If you close and open your door about six times during the whole day, you’ll be able to deplete the whole cycle of the spring in just less than five years. 

 Therefore, it’s better to opt for springs that have better life-cycles. You can pay extra and get the better springs that are rated at almost 20,000 cycles – which should be able to last you a decade with the current operation (opening and closing the door six times a day).

4. Use The Website Or Catalogue Of The Manufacturer To Choose The Door Design

When you start shopping for a garage door, you need to either browse through the catalogue or website of the manufacturer to get accustomed to the designs. Relying on guess-work is not at all recommended. If you’re not sure whether a particular colour or style of the garage door will suit your home – then you can obtain help from the manufacturer. 

Most manufacturers out there will be able to demonstrate a particular style and colour. Obtaining a demonstration will help you to play around with different styles until you find the right one that suits your home perfectly.


5. Choosing Garage Windows Wisely


A garage door will always look extraordinary with the right kind of windows. Besides adding the extra style and substance, windows will allow natural sunlight to enter your garage through your doors – especially during winters. 

If you want extra security, you can always add glass on the windows. The glass that you’ll be using should be matched with the rest of your house windows.

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