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5 Roadblocks You Can Expect During a Construction Project

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If not planned properly, construction projects can turn into a nightmare. To successfully complete a construction project, many factors need to come together at the right time, with sufficient financing, to make it all work. And then, there are also unexpected issues—the ones that can derail the entire project.

No matter how well-planned your project is, you might come across several challenges. The key is managing expectations and navigating these obstacles, so your project stays on track.

To give you a head start, here are five common pitfalls that can trip up any construction project. Let’s take a look.

1. Financing Issues

Your budget should be an important consideration during the project. However, sometimes it can be difficult to estimate the costs involved, especially if the project scope is unclear. 

Some people calculate construction project costs based on similar projects or ballpark them based on their best guess. However, there might be surprises along the way. For example, your budget will increase if you have a leaky roof that needs repairs before construction begins.

Moreover, you may need to pay more than you planned due to a mistake, such as underbuilding a foundation or using the wrong materials. In that case, you will need to adjust your budget and if the cost is significant, it can derail your entire project.

A well-thought-out construction finance plan will help you navigate these issues easily. With the right financing, you can get through any construction project without worrying about cash flow or getting stuck with a bill too big to pay off quickly.

2. Getting a Building Permit

A building permit demonstrates that your property is legal and up to code. In addition, it’s also a prerequisite for most financing types. However, you can’t get the permit until you have an approved set of plans. 

Your local building department can help you get started on this process. First, you will need to provide copies of your plans, and an engineer or an architect will review them before issuing a permit. Finally, you will need to pay for the permit. 

3. Inexperienced Commercial Contractors

Many residential contractors do not have experience in building commercial projects. If you hire one without the right knowledge, they could make costly mistakes that cause delays or damage to your property. 

This can lead to more problems, especially if the processes are connected. Therefore, it is best to find a team with experience with commercial construction projects to avoid these issues. 

Here are a few tips on finding the right team of contractors for your commercial construction project:

  • Ask for references from past clients and follow up to get an idea of how well the contractor performed on these projects.
  • Ask the contractor to provide a list of materials and equipment they will use.
  • Check their insurance coverage and ensure it covers the type of work you will be doing.  
  • Ask them what training they provide their employees. Many contractors require workers to attend safety and continuing education courses on construction-related subjects. This shows that they are committed to providing their employees with the best training to work safely and efficiently.

4. Weather Delays

If construction occurs during bad weather, it is essential to ensure the company has a contingency plan in place. If it is too cold outside for construction workers to work safely, it is best to put the project on hold until the weather improves. While this can be inconvenient for you and the construction company, it is better to be safe than sorry.

5. Missed Deadlines

A good construction company will honor its deadlines. This is the only way to ensure that the project is completed within the deadline. If you notice that the construction company you hired consistently fails to meet the deadlines, it may be time to find another company to take up your projects. 

Final Word

Even with proper planning and a sizeable budget, unexpected delays can happen. Similarly to any business endeavor, construction projects can be risky. However, if you know the most common pitfalls of such projects, you can avoid them and minimize the associated risks. We hope the above information was helpful to you. 

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