Essential Food Photography Tips that Could Come to Your Rescue!

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What do you think are the best food photos? Well, they definitely are the ones which make your stomach growl and mouth salivate. These photos are what makes you want to lick your computer/phone screen or jump right into the picture and take a big bite out of it. Such is the power of great food photography that you shall be running off to the kitchen in no time, hoping that you have every skill and ingredient that’s needed to make whatever was in that photo. Yes, the above paragraph best describes how the perfect food photo should be. And we shall help you capture just that.

Don’t you worry and start doubting your photography skills now. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture a mouth-watering photograph, really! You just need a bit of practice and a whole lot of tips, which we shall provide you with! And voila! You will have a stunning food photograph to drool over. So, we are happy to help you with such useful, valuable tips that will make your food photos look super delicious and appetizing. All skilled and experienced food photographers in Leeds based Photography Works employ, swear by these tips and tricks. They have a vast experience in this industry, and give way to exquisite food images which speak for themselves.

How to Take the Perfect Food Photos

It’s no surprise that you click open your Instagram or Facebook feed and you find yourself scrolling through endless food photos like images in a slot machine. Everyone from leaders of the world to your aunt to your neighbour seems to be sharing the snapshots of the latest scrumptious treats that they devoured. And let’s not even talk about the food bloggers and their posts. They are the ones who are to be blamed for your sudden cravings of juicy burgers or cheesy fries or rainbow cakes. But, did you ever wonder how they manage to get that perfect shot? Well, if you did or if you are a budding food photographer in West Yorkshire, or anywhere else in the globe as a matter of fact, the following tips are just for you:

  • Find the angle: One of the most important tips for food photography or any photography for that matter is to find the hero angle. Generally, there are three popular angles in food photography, namely straight on, overhead, and 45 degrees. But, not all angles work for all types of food. So, you need to determine which angle shall make your dish come to light and make it look the best.
  • Consistence: As a great food photographer or blogger, it’s very essential that you maintain a consistent style to hold the viewer’s attention for long. You should have a consistency in the mood, style, editing, lighting etc. of the photos you capture. Create your go-to photography set-up and maintain the consistency just like there’s one needed in every recipe.
  • Neutral props:  You don’t need to incorporate a lot of props to make your photo stand out, but you definitely need some to make it more interesting. Using neutral ones shall help your subject a.k.a. the food dish to stand out even better. Bright coloured or patterned props could steal the attention of our viewers away from the food and that’s not what we want. So, a stunning dish and neutral props are the secret recipe for success.
  • Quality Lens: Now, most people, both new and old to the photography world may have the misconception that you need to own a good, expensive camera in order to shoot great photos. But the reality is far from that. A good quality lens can make much more of a difference than an expensive DSLR camera. And though, features of a camera keeps getting updated, lens stay with you throughout the journey.

So, basically these are some of the best tips that you could make use of, to show off the food in its best light. The key to successful food photography is the consistency and the story it tells. So, make sure to have both of them in your photos.


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