5 Simple But Effective Ways For Connecting With Your Child

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Even though a unique parent-child connection comes naturally, building a strong and close relationship with your child requires a lot of work and effort.

Since this relationship is one of the most important ones in your lives, every effort you put into strengthening it will bring enormous benefits, both for your child and you.

A close and open relationship will last a lifetime, and keep you and your child connected during all stages of life. 

Furthermore, while your kids are still growing up, this bond will make your parenting easier. Your children will trust you more, and they will be more willing to share their problems and ask for your support.

Here are five simple yet efficient tips you can use to deepen your relationship with your child

Plan your time together, each day

When starting a family we think of ourselves as emotionally ready and financially stable for raising a child. We also consider ourselves strong and capable of handling our parental duties, providing them with all the material aspects, as well as the right amount of care.
But these are only the basics. Your kids need love to grow and develop, and in your child’s’ mind and experience, your love often equals the time they spend with you.

Try to schedule at least 15 to 30 minutes a day and give your child your undivided attention. Don’t skip it, postpone it or forget about it. 

If you can’t make the whole 30 minutes, devote 5 or 10, but get back to it as soon as you can.

Peek into their world

Explain to your kid how your “special time” functions and how much time you can spend together, engaged in the activity they choose. Use their ideas, and just follow their lead.

For you, it may feel a bit awkward or overwhelming at first, especially if your kids are still toddlers or preschoolers. Children are extra curious to learn new things at this age and they are so full of energy – they may want might want to play hide-and-seek in the backyard for a while, and then teach you one of their favorite Trinity GESE lessons afterward.

Whatever they choose to do, try to understand it as an invitation to their world -your child will share with you the things that they find important. Not everyone gets such an invitation, and the number of invitations you’ll get is limited.

Go for special outings

Seek opportunities for one-on-one outings with your child, and use them to build your own rituals and create some great memories. The time that you will spend with each other should be uninterrupted so that you have a chance to really connect. 

Having a movie night may work from time to time, as it counts as a shared experience, but you don’t really get a chance to converse.

Try to plan more outdoor activities together, and get your kids off their computers and their phones. You can spend a few hours in a park nearby, ride a bicycle together or go for a hike.

 In addition to all the physical and mental benefits for your child and yourself, your relationship will be healthier too.

Build your own rituals

All important relationships have their own rituals, so make sure you build them with your kid too. It may be a good morning kiss and a nightly cuddle and chat, naming the birds you see during your walk or playing a monthly laser tag game.

During your travels together, make a ritual out of playing travel games, such as Bananagrams, Travel Bingo or Singalong. 

Your rituals can be anything that you share and hold dear. Even household chores you do together can become your rituals if you make them enjoyable. They will be the memories your kids will cherish once they become parents themselves.

Respect your Kids’ Choices

Your kid will begin to reach out for independence at a young age. You don’t have to like every choice your child makes, but you need to show them that you respect their choices. 

They may want to get a hair tattoo at the age of 6, that you might not find appropriate. Or, when they enter their teenage years, they might want to wear an emo outfit that you simply dread.

However, this is how your kids will develop their own personalities. For them to grow, they need to be able to make their own choices.

Respect their right to choose, with respect to the age they are in. As long as their choices are safe, let them have their own way.

Make your kids your priority and enjoy the time you spend with them. They’ll grow up fast, so learn how to appreciate and take advantage of each moment, and form a bond that is impossible to break.

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