Diamonds Are Not The Only Best Friends

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While Marilyn Monroe may have said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends, times have changed and so have best friends. Diamonds are no longer the only choice for jewellery when it comes to engagement or wedding rings. Gone are the days when you had to spend thousands on a solitaire before going down on your knees to pop the question. Diamonds have also become very common and if you want, you can try something unique to make a statement with your ring without spending a huge chunk of your savings.

Here are some unique metals that will make for great matching wedding rings, if you’re ready to be different and rebel against diamonds.

  1. Silver Rings
    One of the most affordable and durable metals, sterling silver was one once a more precious and valuable metal than gold. Rings made of this metal are softer and hence more vulnerable to scratching. There are plenty of ring designs available in this metal. Silver can also get oxidised and turn black at times. However, oxidised silver is also a popular trend among jewellery designs. Although, if you would rather want the pure silver look, then you can easily clean your ring with a silver jewellery cleaner. It’s also a very affordable option for an engagement or wedding ring.
  2. Titanium Rings
    This is a popular choice of wedding rings for men, however, it’s also picking up popularity for women’s engagement and wedding rings as well. This is the strongest metal that is naturally occuring on earth and that’s why it’s a popular choice for men. Titanium maybe the strongest metal but it’s very light in weight so it’s ideal for those who are not used to wearing jewellery like rings, on a daily basis. Another great advantage of titanium rings is that it is hypoallergenic and so fit for all those who get reactions to other metals. The only thing to remember when getting a titanium ring is that it cannot be resized, so you’ll have to ensure that you’ve got the right ring size.
  3. Tungsten Rings
    Tungsten carbide rings are extremely strong, hypoallergenic and resistant to scratch. It’s heavier in weight than other metal rings and cannot be resized, so you’ll have to have the ring size of the finger correct and accurate. They don’t require regular polishing and will always shine bright and lustrous.
  4. Platinum Rings
    Platinum is one of the most popular and expensive metals for wedding rings. It’s long lasting and comes in white colour, making it a popular choice for wedding rings because you don’t need to bother with making it white using rhodium polish. It’s a heavier metal than others so this ring might feel more heavy than others.
  5. Palladium Rings
    This is a luxury choice of metal for wedding and engagement rings. It comes in a natural white colour, is durable, lightweight and can withstand discolouration. It is commonly used for men and women’s wedding bands and comes with 95% purity. Palladium belongs to the platinum family of metals but it is the more affordable option compared to platinum. It is also great for those who don’t have time to maintain or take care of their rings because this is a very low maintenance metal.

Buying wedding rings is a very big decision and it’s something that needs to be made keeping the concerned person’s personality and taste in mind. Gradually now, many couples are opting to go for more affordable wedding ring options made of different metals. If you want to give your better half something special, don’t let the cost of a diamond hold you back, go out there and go for something different, just the way your special one is.


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