Ceiling Fan Installation

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Ceiling fans are essential in summer.

Safety precautions should be taken when using electric appliances.

  1. Turn off the power before you start installing
  2. Check that there are no obstructions on the site of installation.
  3. An outlet box certified by the manufacturer is recommended for your fan.
  4. Always read and comply with the manufacturer’s instructions

Required Tools: Pliers, Ladder. A wire stripper is needed.

Ceiling Fan Installation

While  ceiling fan installation is easy but its may take some time depending on which type of fan you have.

1) Mount bracket installation

  • Mount brackets with nuts or washers in the outlet box
  • To install electrical wires, remove the bracket from under the bracket.

2) Motor house assembly

  • Carefully remove the motor coupling set screws
  • Turn downrod with thread wires for 4-5 turns.
  • Use pliers for tightening the screw.
  • Use the canopy to pull the wires and downrod.
  • The canopy can be attached properly and hung loosely above the motor housing

Wiring your ceiling fan: –

  • Insert the downrod ball from your motor into the slot for the ceiling bracket.
  • Make sure the fan is in good working order. Only rotate if you are sure.
  • Attach a wire connector to a bare lead. To secure the connection, twist clockwise.
  • Push the entire connection towards your outlet box.
  • Distinguish between grounded and ungrounded wires.
  • Connect the grounding wires and the downrod to the hang bracket with wire nuts.
  • Connect the wire nuts from the receiver to the wires connected from the fan marked “To motor”, using a light white wire.
  • The same process is used for black and blue wires.

Connecting wire receiver/supply line

  • Connect black wires with ceiling and a receiver marked “ACIN” with wire nuts.
  • The same can be done with white wires.
  • Connectors must be gently turned and pushed into an outlet container.

Connecting wires with the wall control panel

  • All wires must be removed from the switch.
  • Connect the outlet box’s black wires, and the wall control’s grounding wires.
  • All wire connections should be safely moved to the outlet box. Next, separate the black and grounded wires.
  • Attach a wall-control to the outlet box and screw it into place.
  • Last, attach the cover to your switchplate using screws.

Installation Of Canopy

  • Adjust the canopy holes by sliding into a bracket.
  • Make sure the canopy is secure and doesn’t slip.

Now you have a fan that works


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