You are so beautiful! A skirt is an essential wardrobe staple that every girl should have. It can be worn casually or at parties. Fall and Winter 2018 RTW collections were very stylish. The fashion trends list inspired me a lot when I was working on apparel trends. My editor-in-chief has a keen eye for details. Her trend forecasting is impeccable. After three seasons of working on trends for apparel, I think I’ve almost mastered the technique.

After going through the entire collection and filtering different types of skirts, I came up with over 20 trends. And I discussed the top 11 styles of dresses for 2018. (It wasn’t easy!) Let’s see if they’re there!

High Waist

The Fall 2018 collection featured a lot of skirts. They are super high-waisted and almost touch the boobs. Lol! Don’t be afraid to sport any high-waist skirts if you plan on wearing them. High-waist skirts were the hottest trend in 2018. They can be casually worn in leather or party-ready metallic.


This year, transparent clothing made from PVC is the rage. PVC skirts are also in fashion! These skits can be worn in various lengths, including ones with feather trimmings or minis. They are great for casual outings and coffee dates. Gah!


Three-dimensional skirts are runway-ready. 3D will also be a top choice for your shopping list next season. These artistic designs are so prevalent in runway collections that it’s high time Zara and Forever 21 started making them. These ultra-glam skirts look great paired with button-up shirts, t-shirts, or corset tops.

Uniquely Draped

Designers are creating excellent, draped skirts that anyone would love to wear. In skirts, you can add instant charm to your look with asymmetrical and other unusual draping styles. These skirts are great for any occasion, including a party. These can be paired with sweaters, fur tops, or long-sleeved blouses.

Floor touching

The Fall 2018 collection features skirts that are princessy. We are so excited to see your floor-touching dresses! You can make a stunning entrance at parties or at home. Lol! It would be hard to walk in these skirts, but it is possible! You can choose from pleated, well-fitted, or dramatic front slit styles.


We are back at square one. They are still trendy and one of the most sought-after skirt styles for Fall 2018. They aren’t going to be discontinued by designers, I suppose. In two more years, every girl will have a sheer skirt or several. It’s going to be indispensable. Ugh! Light is at the 6th spot, from the classic Dior sheer dress to the sexy Oscar de la Renta one. Ugh, ugh, ugh!

Details about Zippers

This fall, you should be shopping for skirts with zipper details. Although they may not be used for any specific purpose, these zippers will make heads turn! You can try unique styles such as a zipper-detailed leather skirt or a front-slit zipper. Other exaggerated hardware was also seen, such as grommets or charms.


In the fall-winter season, leather is a must-have. Leather skirts are much more comfortable than pants. Designers have a case to make for all types and dresses in Fall 2018. These black leather skirts can be worn in various sizes, including mini and midi. They look great with leather tops, button-up shirts, or tee shirts.


They are great for casual events or parties. They can be paired with boring, plain outfits. We’d love to see more of them in 2019. Designers, are they listening? Designers, are you listening?


They do have a bohemian vibe. This is a bonus trend, as we couldn’t overlook these lovely fringed skirts. You can try different fringes, from thread fringes to large ones. For parties, choose metallic dresses and leather for casual occasions.