Should You Warm Up Your Car In The Winter Season Before Driving?

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One of the most popular beliefs that car owners tend to have is that – they should allow their vehicles to warm up for some minutes before using them during the winter season. The simple idea behind such a process is to ensure that the temperature of the car’s engine can be increased by making it sit idle for a limited period, allowing the car owner to protect the car engine’s performance & longevity. 

However, the reality is something different. According to professional car repair services, when you idle your car for some minutes, you not only waste your precious time waiting but also car fuel as well. Moreover, when you let your car engine idle at freezing temperatures in the winter season, you’ll potentially wreak havoc on your car engine by shortening its life.

Why Do Car Owners Think That It’s Essential To Idle Cars During The Winter Season?

To understand why such a belief runs rampant among car owners, it’s essential to first learn about the process through which a car engine functions. It should be noted that the combustion chamber inside the engine is usually run by mixing air with gasoline. The fuel-air mixture is then compressed and the spark plug is used to ignite the same, which helps in moving the pistons. 

Back in the years, car engines tend to come with a carburettor which helped in controlling the mixture of air & fuel. One of the major disadvantages of the carburettor was that – it was practically non-efficient in controlling the air-fuel mixture in a precise manner. 

Since gasoline doesn’t evaporate in cold weather, the carburettor was highly susceptible to releasing more fuel than air. Therefore, the fuel in the mixture increased, which can directly damage the car’s engine. To avoid such a scenario, car owners were advised to warm up their engines during the winter season, so that the carburettor can provide the right fuel-air mixture. 

The Modern Car

In the 21st century, most car manufacturers out there have simply moved on from using carburettors and thereby use electrical fuel injectors in their place. So, the modern vehicle comes with an electrical fuel injector that can adjust air-fuel mixture efficiently, even in cold weather. 

So, if you’re running a modern car, there’s no need to idle it to warm up the engine. This is because the engine will be consuming fuel without offering any benefits. Professional services for car body repair in Ilford states that modern car engines have been optimised to run in cold temperatures without any issues.

And that brings us to the end of our guide. We hope your misconceptions have been cleared and if you have any queries, be sure to ask us without any hesitation. 

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