Variety of Indian Poetry

Hindi poetry does also posses the same variety the way Urdu poetry has. It has some great names which gives its poetry the same credibility and fame. You can always find some great patriotic poetry, which has been done on some large scale. Actually, due to the geographical state of both countries, their tastes are quite similar to each other. That’s the reason why there is a great following for the patriotic poetry in both areas. In Indian poets, Bhagat sing is one of the names that come to mind when you think about some revolutionary poet who use their poetic senses to get best results. He has done a lot for the freedom of India, so his work is thoroughly acknowledge all around.

There has been another famous poet named as Kabir. Who stand in the same limelight in which the Sufi poetry stands. He has done a great job in awakening the people and advises them in such comprehensive way that everyone can be benefited by that. He is a widely read poet in India.

Mazahiya shayari is also quite common; actually, it is the form where people actually become poet by themselves. Funny poetry can be done by anyone who can pass ironic remarks and make a rhythm out of the sentences. If you go through this form of shayari you will see that how difficult are the thoughts which are expressed in so beautifully and effortlessly that no one will stay without smiling and commending the people who have composed it .

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