Midnight party dinners – only at New Year

The New Year is a very special time as this is the time of the year when we get to actually spend time with those dear and near to us. With the hustle bustle of life, this is the only time you find to spend quality time at home and truly enjoy yourself. So why not enjoy to the full, host a New Year party and make sure you and your guests have a fabulous time. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind while hosting a New Year party.

Firstly while hosting a New Year party ensure that your menu is balanced. The point is you probably begin at around 8.30 or 9 pm and go through the night and you are going to be together at the stroke of midnight wide awake so make sure that your guests do not feel hungry and something or the other keeps getting served. Firstly you can serve appetizers that may be crunchy or raw or probably cooked or just some savories, sweets the list is endless you have a very wide variety to choose from so keep it balanced. Ensure that your menu is such that it does not look out of place on the same plate. Secondly do not overestimate or underestimate the food quantity always keep it realistic. Sometimes you have so much food available that you really do not know what to do.

You may plan on around three to four appetizers for each person every hour and you may have a buffet with meat, cheese, vegetables, breads, desserts and you may also keep nuts, olives and chips. As you are planning to count till the stroke of midnight keep a careful watch on the kitchen and the clock so that food is continually supplied at regular intervals. You may plan good home made beverages, alcohol if your guests would prefer them and keep a constant supply.

Garnish the food in such a way that it as a festive look like decorating with holiday ornaments, edible plants or even decorative salads. Toast the New Year in style as that is the specialty of your New Year party. You may have inexpensive champagne glasses to splurge on so that they hear a real clink sound at the stroke of midnight. Make sure not to have the area cluttered up with used plates and glasses and keep a separate area for that. The other thing to keep in mind would be to have a number of waste paper baskets around the room.

Other than the food you may host some games for your guests to enjoy, have light music playing in the background or have a number of dances. Choose your king and queen for the New Year, the cutest kid or any such interesting titles. In all your festivities remember that nothing goes well without the blessings of God so remember Him to bless your New Year with the choicest blessings so that you truly have a wonderful year ahead.

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