A brief Description and History of the Tabla drum

Tabla drum is a musical instrument, which is really famous in between the world instruments. Tabla is widely using in orchestras for the classical and religious music. Hindustani music with Tabla is a great combination. The word meaning of Tabla in Sanskrit is drum. The history of Tabla is still a mystery and there is an assumption that Amir Khusro is the inventor of Tabla and the history explains that the Ustad Siddar Kwanan is the first player of Tabla drum.

In the ancient period of India there were different tradition for learning Indian Tabla drums and also there is 6 types of Tabla gharana are available, such as Delhi gharana, Lucknow gharana, Ajrara gharana, Farukhabad gharana, Benares gharana, Punjab gharana and each gharana teaches different forms in Tabla. The newer generation is not following the rules of gharana and they are passing the information of each gharana and mixing up the music together to invent a new form.

The two part of Tabla drum is made with different material, such as wood, copper, brass, etc. The players are using hands and palms for playing Tabla. Making different sound from Tabla will depends on the creativity of the musician. Right part of the drum is called dayan or Tabla and the left part of the drum is called bayan or dugi and the top of the drum is have an inner circle is called syahi, which is helping the Tabla drum to make different types of tunes and sounds. Bodhran irish is famous for its rythym.

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