Month: December 2018

Variety of Indian Poetry

Hindi poetry does also posses the same variety the way Urdu poetry has. It has some great names which gives its poetry the same credibility and fame. You can always find some great patriotic poetry, which has been…

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Urdu Ghazals: the oceans of emotions

Ghazals are probably the richest and best aspects of Urdu Poetry. These are the oceans of emotions—love, hate, fun, pain etc. Then what is a ghazal? In short ghazal is a collection of shers—the two line poems. A…

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Popular video games

Online rent games are popular these days due to comfort ability and easy access. Rent Ps3 games are popular choice these days due to large variety of ps3 games. Some of the popular ps3 games are Army of…

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Midnight party dinners – only at New Year

The New Year is a very special time as this is the time of the year when we get to actually spend time with those dear and near to us. With the hustle bustle of life, this is…

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