Basic Points to Remember to Make Your Home Safe and Happy for Your Pets!

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Animals are a darling! They are as innocent as little babies, and too cute to handle! But handling them well is a necessity you can’t shy away from. Especially if you have adopted them and have promised to provide them the safest and happiest little haven in your home. Being a pet parent isn’t anything less stressful and demanding than being a child’s parent. In fact, it demands even more involvement. Pets are babies who never grow up. But obviously, you love devoting and doting on your fur baby!

Animals can be snoopy and extremely curious creatures. They have this tendency to explore each part of your home and turn upside down each item they find lying in the house. And some of these babies are so mischievous that they’ll even open up the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes in their never-ending quest! But it’s your home, and you have all sorts of things in the place — from the ones that they’ll love, to those objects which can harm them too. Thus, arises the need of making your home pet friendly! 

How can you make your home safer for the pets?

When you consider the thought of making your home safe for your pets, remember that certain things aren’t so much of a danger to human kids, but may be extremely hazardous for animals. That is why being extra careful about such minute details are needed. To ensure you are having all those knowledge about keeping your pets safe at home, read the below pointers.

  • Clean your carpets regularly — Pets have this habit of licking the floor. And the floor or the carpets are said to be the largest carriers of germs and other harmful objects. So, you can well imagine the danger for your pets. Always get your carpets cleaned thoroughly by professional carpet cleaners in Busselton. Chem Dry cleaners are the best one to opt for this, as they carry out the perfect carpet cleaning procedure with advanced equipment by experienced workmen. A regular cleaning of carpet every two weeks is essential for a healthy upbringing of pets in the house.
  • Keep sharp and harmful objects on top — Pets are especially attracted to harmful objects. They can even fidget with knives or machines which can prove very dangerous for them. Ensure to place these all items at a good height where your pets can’t reach them even by taking a high jump.
  • Keep everything locked or latched securely — Pets are an expert in opening loose latches and doors. Ensure all your belongings, even clothes, are kept in locked cupboards. (They certainly would love to chew them to pieces if they can open the cupboards easily).
  • Cover the garbage bin tightly — Garbage attracts your dogs and cats like a magnet!  They just love turning over the dustbin while looking for something attractive in them. Ensure your garbage cans have a tight lid and even these are of heavy materials, like metal, to prevent them from easily turning it over.
  • Make use of blockades —There may be several areas in your house wherein pet entry could be dangerous — like garage, area near the washing machine, dishwasher, etc. But you know these wide eyed cuties; they love to attack such areas. The only thing that can stop them is blockades. Use them in such areas to keep them safe.
  • Avoid dangling wires — Dangling wires are also an irresistible attraction for the pets. They can even chew and bite them if they get access to it. Ensure your wires are secured tight in their sockets and even sockets are placed at a good height (They’ll love switching those lights on and off each second!).
  • Keep Dangerous house plants away — There are certain house plants which won’t harm you or your children at all, but can prove extremely hazardous to your pets. Lilies, Azaleas, Oleander, Tulips, Yew, Chrysanthemum, etc. are some of them. In case you are planting them, ensure to keep them hung on a height or at a secluded corner away from their reach.

There can be more such precautions that you must take to ensure for a safer dwelling for your pets at your home – like — cleaning their meal bowl regularly, having the pet loo cleaned, keeping your washrooms and toilets securely closed and locked, and the keeping the terrace way locked too. And most of all, keep an alert eye on their actions! And of course, love them with all your heart! Cumulatively, these would surely make your house the best home they’ll ever want to live in!

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