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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A House Painter

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If you are planning a full-fledged home remodelling project, it goes without saying that you will require efficient painting services as well.

Even though a home remodelling project is a time consuming and stressful task in itself, your home can look dull if the painters do an average job. This is why choosing the right Auckland painters is essential.

With so many reliable painters out there in the market, it can become overwhelming to choose the best one for your project. To help you with the same, we have enlisted below some mistakes you should avoid when on a lookout for house painters.

Not Cross Examining The References

When interviewing potential contractors for the task, it is important to ask them for references. If the company hesitates to provide the necessary information, it could be a red flag.

However, reliable painters will give away the contact information of people they have previously worked for, without any delay. And therefore, you should cross-check with these clients to be sure that the contractor is professional and delivers quality results. 

Besides that, you will also have to check for online reviews, ratings and testimonials. This can confirm the credibility and popularity of the contractor in your area.

Not Checking The License And Insurance Regarding Workers’ Compensation 

Some painters work without the necessary license issued by the state government. That said, before hiring the contractor, you must check their certifications, qualifications and work license.

Also, you must ensure the company is registered, and they have liability insurance in the name of their workers. To be doubly sure, check the insurance policy regarding workers’ compensation so that you aren’t liable in case someone gets hurt during their job.

Paying The Total Cost Upfront

Always remember; never do business with a painting company or contractor who asks you to make the full payment upfront. Professional painters will never present such demands. 

If you fall for this trap, the chances are likely that once the payment is made, you may never see the contractor again. So be smart and patient.

Pay the contractor only after the project is completed. If they demand a certain amount of the total cost in the very beginning, pay only the standard ten per cent.

Skimming Through The Contract 

When it comes to hiring the services of a professional painter, each and every term, project plan, money distribution, the timeline of the project, supplies and items needed, liabilities and insurance be provided to you in writing. That said, some contractors try to act smart, and make changes in the contract thinking no one will get to know. 

That’s why it is essential that you read the contract carefully, and not just skim through it. 

Final Words

When working with reliable house painters in Auckland, you may not face any difficulties. But it is always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you should keep the above-mentioned points in mind and avoid these glaring mistakes.

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