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Am I required to have a home inspection?

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If you are selling a home, having a professional inspect the property is a smart idea. An inspector will be able to let you know if there are any problems before you list your house. Any potential buyer will have an inspection. If you can resolve any issues before selling your house, the home inspection in high river AB will help you speed up the process.

Home inspections can run around $400. Is this money worth it? You should arrange an inspection for five reasons.

Avoid investing in a money pit

The report of a home inspector reveals the true condition of the property, what lies behind the façade. The report of the inspector informs the buyer about any maintenance issues that may arise and their costs. The results can be used to negotiate a sale or forbid a buyer from walking away.

Find out about safety concerns

To detect safety concerns in property being sold, it is crucial that property inspections be performed. The inspector may look for signs of mould, carbon monoxide or radon. One in eight homes contains dangerous levels of Radon — the second leading cause for lung cancer.

It is vital that you have a home inspection to find any problems in your property

Professional home inspections inspect the foundations, roof, exterior walls and plumbing. You will have an accurate picture of the actual property condition after the inspection.

Find any illegal additions

A home inspection can also be ordered to verify that any additions or installations are in compliance with local building codes. You are responsible for any illegal or unapproved alterations to your house. The cost of fixing legal problems could be thousands of dollars.

Protect your investment

Protecting your investment is as simple as having a home inspection. An inspector will provide a detailed report on how to maintain the property’s systems, and other details. You will save more money on your home inspection than what you pay.


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