All about fitness: How to prepare for the upcoming triathlon event

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Triathlon participation is no joke and surely can turn out to be one of the toughest jobs if you go unprepared for it. If you can have a personal trainer to help you, it will be of great help. Even if you don’t have a trainer here are a few essential things that you should do to prepare for a triathlon in minimum 12 weeks.

Get Essential Gear

If you are taking part in a triathlon for the first time you know you need essential gear needed for separate events. This include

1. Swimsuit, goggles, swimming cap for people with long hair A bicycle that you are comfortable with. It can even be a road bike or mountain bike or both. It is not necessary to have a time trial bike which is commonly used in triathlons

2. Cycling shorts are necessary. One pair for training and one decent pair for the event. Clipless pedals and cycling shoes can also be used.

3. A water bottle for long bike rides.

4. A good pair of running shoes

Commitment to Time

If you think you were lying dormant for a while, start working out. Two and a half hours, five times a week is enough for getting back in shape, work up your ligaments to avoid injury and increase your endurance and speed. These preparations should start at least 12 weeks before the event. Out of these 5 days make, two days workout should be swimming so that you can build your strength and endurance in the pool. It is better to have a checklist for this. Your bike rides can be practiced in 30-40 minutes during your regular workout sessions. Do two workouts out of five and then run to bike area. This combination is done in order to increase stamina and reduce the risk of injury. Commit to time, always check your progress in a specific time and keep track of it for a good training experience.

Combine Your Workout Routines

Spend the first few weeks in basic muscle movements and gentle workouts. Then gradually try combining different activities into your workout like run for a minute and then walk for a minute. Repeat this for minimum 5 times and then ride your bike for 30 minutes. You can do this combination at normal conversational intensity. Vigorous working out can tear your ligaments and might make you unfit for the event. You can go for 45 minutes cycling once or twice in a week to increase your stamina.

Your transitioning from biking to racing can be really uncomfortable and tiring. You should practice this transition more often to train your body to stay stable during this type of hard workouts.
Open water racing can be tougher as there are many factors to consider in this area. To increase your mileage there practice sometimes in open waters to develop tricks to finish fast.

Take Rest

In between this vigorous trainings, plan some time to rest. The body might not adapt your sudden tough workout routine. So make sure you get one day off for resting your body and eat good food. Your body needs time to recharge from all the long workout sessions. Do not increase your workout time for more than 4 hours a day. This might have a negative impact on your body.


When preparing for a triathlon, it is important to plan your fluids and calorie intake. Nutrition should be taken only after considering your body weight and fitness level. Sometimes a little less or a little more can make a lot of difference which may not be in your favor. Have a light breakfast at least 2 hours before the race. Then have a little snack 30 minutes prior to the race. Drink water from time to time during the race. It is also important to practice taking your water bottle out and drinking water while pedaling straight. Take enough water and electrolytes during the race.


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