9 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants to Know Before Treating You

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Do you have an allergy or sensitivities to oil/lotion ingredients?

Why it is important: Massage therapists need to be aware of the ingredients in lubricants that can cause allergic reactions. Some reactions are mild, causing redness or hives. But others can be serious and even fatal. Your therapist should be notified if you are aware of any substances that can cause skin irritations or other reactions.

Massage lotions can contain a variety of ingredients, such as glycerins, tree oils and nuts, chemicals additives, chemical additives, shellfish, and fruit extracts. It is important to let your therapist know if you are a vegan or not, so that everything runs smoothly.

Are there injuries or surgeries that have remained in your body?

Why it is important: Your therapist will need to know if you have any unusual or unusual symptoms. You may have a restricted range of motion in one joint, or a painful range in another. This will allow your therapist to avoid moving the joint into a painful range.

It is also a good idea to let your therapist know if this is something you are interested in working on. Your doctor may place restrictions on movement. If this is the case, it’s important to let your massage therapist. Lower back massage therapy in Huntington Beach may also be contraindicated. This means that the therapist should not be performing it in any circumstances.

What are your daily habits?

Why it is important: Do you work at the computer? Are you a person who is constantly on the move? Do you drive most of the day? Are you a runner? These clues can help the therapist to identify pain patterns in your body. The therapist can then give you a massage that’s right for you and your activities based on this information.

What are your goals for this session?

Why it matters Your therapist wants to make sure you are satisfied with your massage. You will not be satisfied with the massage if you request a deep tissue massage that is focused on your hips or legs, but your therapist assumes that you prefer a Swedish, relaxing massage. It is likely that you won’t book with the same therapist again. The therapist won’t know why, and they will be frustrated. It is best for both of you and your therapist to discuss your goals for the session.

Do you have any specific areas that you don’t need to be massaged?

Why it is important: Your therapist will give you a wonderful massage. The therapist will accommodate your request if you prefer not to have anything massaged below your ankles or around your neck. A few other common requests are to avoid acute injuries, such as no hair or face.

Are you currently pregnant?

Why it is important: If you are pregnant, even though you aren’t showing, lying facedown or faceup may be uncomfortable. The therapist will ask you how far along your pregnancy is. Typically, after 11 weeks, you will be massaged in a side-lying position. Your therapist will also want to know if you are pregnant. This allows them to adjust the massage accordingly and check in more often.

Are you currently taking painkillers?

Why it is important: If you are currently taking painkillers to dull your pain, you’ll be less sensitive to pressure and less likely to alert the therapist to excessive massage. To avoid injury, therapists will give a gentler massage if you answer “yes” to the question.

Do you take any other medications?

Why it is important: Side effects of medications can have an impact on your massage. Blood thinners such as warfarin can make you more susceptible to bruises, which could increase your risk of developing a DVT. You may also be more susceptible to orthostatic hypotension, dizziness, or light headedness (fainting upon standing) and you might need extra assistance. Your therapist should know about any medications you take so that they can adjust the massage if necessary.

What music would you like to listen to?

This is your Massage. The therapist may have a preset playlist that they use for massages (which is often “spa music” or something soothing without lyrics), but thanks to smartphones and the internet, it’s possible for them to play whatever you like. You can mention it at all.


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