8 Tips That You Can Follow to Be a Better Driver

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Driving a car might be fun for you, but it’s one machine that you should not take casually. When behind the wheels, make sure to be careful as a small mistake can be fatal for you and your loved ones. 

Whether you are an experienced driver or a new one, there are always areas of improvement when it comes to driving. 

How To Drive Better

Take Driving Course

Being a self-learner or getting trained from online courses can never be as good as learning it from one of the best driving school in Brisbane. Once you learn the technicalities of driving and have an idea about the traffic signals and rules, you can take the online courses as refreshers. 

At times we need to refresh your memories for small details like the difference between a DWI and DUI and with how many drinks you need to impair you for each.

Parking Matters

Many of the minor accidents happen in the parking lot, so, don’t take it casually. It may be an easy job when there’s sufficient space but in places with space restriction, or if you are a new driver, parking is not a cakewalk. You need to know certain tricks which involves backward movement, reverse, etc.

Place your Hands Correctly on the Wheels

One of the first thing that driving school teaches is the posture, i.e., how you sit and how you place your hands on the wheel while behind it. Earlier your hands should be at the 10 and 2 positions on the clock, but recently it is changed to either 8 and 4 or 9 and 3 position. In this position, your muscles will be more relaxed, giving you the freedom to drive long-distance and that in a relaxed manner with better control over your car.   

Be Kind and Patient

Everybody on the road seems to be in a hurry and none wants to wait for the other. Relax! Let it go; you are not on any racking track, so a certain degree of patience will not do any harm. And on any given day it is better to be safe than sorry.

And how does kindness on-road help? It helps you to keep calm and focus better on driving. If you find the parking near your office to congested, park at a distance – walking a bit will not cause you any harm. 

Adjust the Mirrors

Cover up the blind spots with the mirrors in your car.  Similar to placing your arms, adjusting the mirror also involves some calculation. Look in your side mirrors and see if you can see your own vehicle. If yes, then the mirror needs adjustment, dash them to the outward until you can no more see your car.

Don’t Drive when Sleepy or Tired

You all the dangers of driving after consuming alcohol but do you know a lot many cases happen every year all over the world because of drowsy driving. A second’s drowsiness can also be life-threatening!

Sleep gives you energy to be more efficient and the desired rest to your mind and body for smooth functioning. Never take the risk of driving if you are exhausted, or sleepy, or under the influence of new medication.

Know to Merge in Traffic

Merging lanes inefficiently can cause traffic problem, road fury, and also accidents. While on the roads, you will find that some people are cute lanes very violently, while there are others who are polite and take their place in a lane with proper time in hand. 

Rash lane merging is not only risky for you but it can also cause a problem for other drivers. So, the best thing to do while on roads is to be calm and not in a hurry.

Keep Away from Distractions

Some people have the habit of speaking on the phone, or referring to maps, or eating while driving – and none of these are safe. Anything which can cause your mind to lose its focus from the roads and your steering wheel can be fatal. 


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