8 Tips For Moving Into Your College Dorms

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You might have packed all your bags by now, stuffed them with all the things that your brain would have declared necessary. The adrenaline must be rushing through your veins as now is the time to be set free from home. Finally, it’s time for college!

You will be studying an all-new course at a new place. This means all new friends and not to forget a new room. Depending upon the college arrangements and your choice, you can get a room all for yourself or you will have to share it with a roommate.

College Dorm Tips

College life is considered the best time of life but thinking about packing and moving can be doubtful. With Auckland movers, you do not need to worry. Just enjoy your time as much as you can and following the moving and packing tips.

  • Do all the paperwork beforehand: Go through all the necessary papers for your moving in. Sort the papers that need to be submitted to the administration. Pay attention to the location of your dorm, the check-in timing. Many papers require your signature during admission so ensure that you have signed all of them.
  • Check the location one day prior to moving:Moving to the location a day earlier helps you a lot. You will get to know if there is enough space for a moving truck or how many items will the room be able to accommodate. For the moving day, you do not need to worry. You can depend upon Auckland movers for your final day.
  • Identification: While moving into the dorm, carry your ID card, admission form, registration card, fee slip and all the other documents that give you the authority to join a particular dorm. Inform the supervisor of all the defaults in the room else the administration charges the students for all the damage done. You will be required to fill a form to list all the damage, fill the form carefully and things will go easy.
  • Inspect the room before moving in: Check the room thoroughly. Check the floor for any cracks. If the floor has carpeting, inspect it for stains
  • Share contact information: Exchange contact numbers with your roommates. Also share the contact information of all the important people in the dorms like the warden, caretaker, local guardian, roommate, etc. with your parents. They are the ones your parents would contact during any emergency situation or when they are unable to contact you. Many teens might find this old-fashioned but this is important.
  • Be prepared for rushing to the store: You might have planned and packed everything that you could think of but missing out on a thing or two is common. So be prepared for a quick visit to the nearby store. This might sound stressful but with Auckland movers, it will not be so. They will be ready to go with you wherever you want and whenever you want.
  • Pack only the essentials: Movers suggest that you pack only the necessary things – unless you are going to the jungle of course! Pack your bedding, clothes some accessories and the things that you think will not be available in your dorm or college locality. Similar is the case if you think that things are expensive in your college or dorm area. Leave the least essential things at home. Your child can take them whenever they come home for a holiday.
  • Tool and first aid box: Make a separate toolkit for all the household essentials that can come to use in the dorms. Your tool skit must have a spanner, screwdriver, hammer, some nails, duct tape, pliers and other things that a mini toolkit should contain. 

Another important dorm item is a first aid box. The first aid kit should be well equipped with all the necessary equipment. It should at least have a disinfectant, painkiller spray, wipes, bandages, analgesic, cotton, and other necessary medicine. If you suffer from any serious disease, pack the medicines separately with a label.

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