8 Ideas for a Bombshell Birthday Bash!

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Birthdays are always special and all of us love celebrating this day with lots of vigour and enthusiasm. That’s why it’s obvious that we take lots of measures to make it memorable and joyous each year. Who likes gloomy birthdays?! Even if we prefer secluded type of birthdays, we still make some effort to make the big day stand out – out of the ordinary, a day not like any other. 

There have been innumerable ideas and ways dedicated to birthday celebrations. From surprise parties to properly planned ones, from beach parties to sneaking out on streets to paint the town red, birthday bash can be marvellous, and the ideas for the same are numerous!

Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthdays come each year. Spending them in the usual style at home can be boring year after year! Not only for you, but perhaps for your guests too! Let’s read some rocking ideas for a smashing birthday bash!

1 . Destination party—A destination party is the most favourite of the list in types of parties preferred for special occasions. You can fix any destination you like be — it a faraway hill station, serene seaside or at a musical fest at some city. You can visit the place with your close friends, families or with large groups, but it needs proper pre-planning for sure. This includes booking a hotel, hiring caterers, travel facilities and also a transport for all the people attending it. Remember, when you are hosting the party, you have to be responsible for the comforts and needs of your guests. This could be an ideal opportunity to de-stress away from the humdrum of regular life and say cheers to life with people who matter.

2. Restaurant party — A restaurant party is fun and fulfilling for any birthday celebration. In fact, it is perhaps the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of planning any party! You can let the restaurant know about your party theme and preferred cuisine for the same. They’ll do the rest! There are some astounding buffet restaurants in Auckland like Tom Tom bar and eatery, who can help you host some sensational parties by offering a beautiful looking rooftop venue for your occasion, top- notch service and scrumptious food. And if you prefer a restaurant having karaoke or phenomenal band, it would add more spark to your party.

3. Beach party — If water makes you feel zen or beach volleyball or water sports give you an adrenaline rush, consider a birthday party at the beach (if you are lucky enough to have one within the drivable distance). Just some beach clothes, a picnic basket loaded with food and drinks, a local beach band and a birthday cake — your party is going to be exciting and engaging for sure!

4. Theme park birthday bash — A full day spent at a theme park with your closed ones is a superb idea for a great birthday bash! You are going to have a fabulous time roaring with laughter, enveloped in fun and gaiety, as you enjoy the adventurous rides and explore the park with friends and family. And if you get hungry after so much work, devour all the tummy snacks from the stalls there. A birthday cake cut on the way in the car or at the park would be an added bonus.

5. Forest party — If nature is your love, or you are into bird watching, or wildlife or nature photography – a birthday party may mean being beckoned by the greens. It shall be a breather of relief from the pollution and concrete of city life for sure! Book a tree house or watch tower for the day, and have fun there! Blowing the candles amidst chirping birds will be an experience to remember for sure.  

6. Open bus city tour — An open bus tour around the city with your friends and families would be joyous and wondrous if you are proud of your city and would love to show off its assets to friends and family. You can book the entire bus, decorate the bus with all the party props and play your favourite music throughout the ride.

7. Barbecue Party — For your next birthday party, you can also hold a barbecue party on your deck or patio. If it’s a winter night, you would just love sitting around the fire watching the delicious food get barbecued and feel the warmth of fire and camaraderie. A light music and dance session outdoors would be lovely to make the party magical.

8. Live events — A happening birthday party can be enjoyed while watching some live and enjoyable shows too. It may be a concert of your favourite music band, or a play, an opera, or a circus. And you never know you may be lucky enough to get an autograph from your favourite star as a birthday gift!

These are some of the most wonderful ways to spend a thrilling time with buddies and family on your birthday. Impressed by all the above? Well, then you’ll have to choose one for each year, and  the next few years, your birthdays are going to be smashing for sure!! 


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