7 Responsible Travel Tips to Learn How to be a Responsible Tourist

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How important are responsible travel tips? Well to be precise, very much so. If you’ve ever looked up responsible travel meaning, then you wouldn’t be the first one to have done so. There are certain responsibilities of tourists we must keep in mind when traveling. This is to ensure that the region we are passing through has not been left in a worse-off way than when we found it. Responsible tourist behavior includes not littering, choosing eco-friendly accommodation, and being sensitive to the locals among other things.

If you haven’t been a responsible tourist so far, you can make that change now. Let’s look at some of the best responsible travel tips we’ve listed below to help you do so. Learn how to be a responsible tourist and teach your loved ones as well.

Top tips for a Responsible Traveler:

These responsible travel tips will help you regardless of whether you’re on a vacation or making an unplanned trip on last minute flights. Make sustainable tourism a high priority and learn to travel responsibly. Check out the best responsible travel tips to guide your way.

1. Responsible travel starts at home

Even before you take off, you must ensure to do some of the most necessary things. This includes small but significant acts such as turning off the main water, emptying your refrigerator, unplugging devices, and suspending newspaper delivery to your doorstep among other things. If left undone, these could cause serious consequences when you return from your trip. So to have an environmental-friendly trip, start being responsible at home.

2. Try to book direct flights

Airplane Co2 emissions are among the things adding to pollution and global warming. However, air travel is inevitable if you wish to get from one place in the world to another. Thereby, one of the most responsible travel tips is to try booking direct flights – regardless of economy or business class flights. This may not seem like much and may not always be possible. But if we all do our bit, we can definitely make a difference.

3. Pick eco-friendly accommodations

Choosing to stay at eco-friendly hotels, guesthouses, and resorts is among the topmost sustainable travel tips. However, simply picking a hotel online that claims to be eco-friendly is not done. One of the top responsible travel tips is to make sure they really are nature-friendly. Ask them if they employ locals, what they do with waste water, and how they give back to the community. These are a few simple but vital things that will go a long way in ensuring you travel responsibly.

4. Say no to plastic

Waste management can be a hassle in countries that are still developing. When you accept plastic at various shops you are encouraging its use. You will end up with so many plastic bags that you don’t know what to do with them. Throwing them out will be potentially harmful to unsuspecting street animals that will choke on them. Thereby, one of the top tips for a responsible traveler is to refuse plastic use. This is good to practice back home as well.

5. Buy local stuff

This is among the most common responsible travel tips that most travelers forgo. Do you really want to eat at McDonald’s in Vietnam? When you can have that right here in the US, why not try something local? Also, when you shop, try to get some really cool local handicrafts instead of shopping at big malls where you can buy the same thing available back home. This way, not only will you be getting awesome souvenirs but also encouraging the local industry. And for God’s sake, do not haggle with vendors who are definitely earning less than you!

6. Be mindful of animal welfare

 There are a lot of countries that bank on animals to bolster their tourism. More often than not, all they are worried about is their profit as opposed to the welfare of the animals they use. Do proper research when looking for a wildlife adventure. For instance, find out if the animals are well looked after and not under duress. Are enough efforts being made to conserve rare and endangered species? Will your riding an exotic animal promote its captivity? Go ahead with the trip when you are satisfied with the answers to these questions.

7. Try ‘voluntourism’

This is among the most amazing responsible travel tips anyone can give you. For those who don’t know, voluntourism is among the best travel trends that have travelers give back to society. This is a great way to not only see a new place but also do your bit for the socio-economic growth of a region. You could teach English, help with wildlife conservation, or aid a medical camp in a developing country. This way, you will mingle with locals and know them on a deeper level. It’s one of the best ways to travel responsibly when booking international flight tickets for a trip.

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