7 offbeat elements you wish you knew people tried to vape

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If we talk about one of the most trending things in the UK at the moment, you are sure to find vaping somewhere on the list making history. For many people, vaping is a pleasure like no other, which compels them to experiment as much as they can.

While some turn out to be surprisingly pleasing like honey, others can make you quit vaping for life. So, what are these mysterious elements which are worth a shot? Let’s find out.

1. Hand Sanitizer

Yes, it sounds gross and even is, but someone came up with the idea of smoking hand sanitizer and made a good spectacle out of him for the rest of us. If the thought of giving this a try came in your mind even once, let go of it because hand sanitiser will give you a few minutes of terrible cough and a bad after taste. However, if you are interested in something sweet and yummy, read on,

2. Chocolate sauce

Not that any of us ever expected it to be yuck, but astonishingly, Hershey’s chocolate sauce or any other, when vaped, gives a tasted like peanut butter which has compelled many serious vapers to give it a shot. You might not exactly find it at an e-liquid in UK store, but a similar flavour might be available with them. The overall result indicates that it’s a good and tasty experiment, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

3. Vodka

The reactions on this one have been very mixed, but we have the final verdict with us right here. If you hate vodka or if it’s never been pleasing for you, vaping it will make the scenario even worse. However, if you are a true vodka lover who likes to try different vodka cocktails and more, vaping it might satisfy your urge. In short, do it at your own risk.

4. Butter

Edible, but still bizarre, did the thought of vaping butter ever cross your mind? If yes, then you might want to read this. The ones who gave this a shot are already repenting it by saying that it tastes like burnt popcorn or the fumes that get after a barbecue session from the grill. All-in-all, it’s a waste of your time and efforts.

5. Cold drink

Well, before we even explain, there are chances that you already have a perception that this can’t be too bad and you are right. Cold drink, like Mountain Dew, can be an excellent option to vape because you can really taste the juice in the smoke while enjoying a dense smoke. Give it a try with iqos starter kit , and it won’t be disappointing.

6. Fish sauce

Before you ask how it is, you must know that fish sauce is the water that you get when a fish is fermented in sea salt, and the right word to describe it’s smell is nasty. Now, will you ever be interested in vaping such a substance? Guess not! However, if you are still interested, then let us tell you that the vaper who tried puked for a while, so good luck.

7. Honey

As stated in the introduction, honey is already everyone’s favourite, and if you are a hard-core vaper or even a newbie, honey can offer a fascinating twist to your vaping routine. The people who tried it at least once said that it has a brilliant sweet flavour, but since it doesn’t have any nicotine content, it won’t fulfil your needs. Nevertheless, if you want to treat yourself with something dessert-like organic, honey is the name for you.

Woah! These were some super bizarre and pleasant vape suggestions, right? Well, feel free to try what you like and don’t forget to share the post with your friends so you get to do it together. Have fun!


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