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7 Amazing Closet Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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Although living in an apartment or duplex has its benefits, it can also have disadvantages. For example, a small closet is not a good thing. Although it might be convenient to access all your belongings without getting up from the couch, there are some issues when it comes time to store them. Many people find themselves in a stressful situation when they have to figure out how to organize and design their closets to accommodate all their belongings. so you can hire a closet designer in Alexandria.

You might be interested in some of these amazing closet design ideas that can be used to maximize small spaces.

Extender Rod

An extender rod can double your hanging space. These rods are also very affordable. This is a second closet rod that attaches to an existing closet rod. The majority of closets have a lot of vertical space, which is usable. Adding a closet rod can make the most of that vertical space.

Shelf Dividers

With shelf dividers, you can store more shoes and clothes on your shelves. It can quickly get messy if you have all your clothing items stacked next to one another. It can be very exhausting to wash laundry when you have to take everything off the shelves and reorganize them. Shelf dividers can prevent clothes from getting mixed up and falling apart.

Baskets for Under-The-Shelf

Consider adding under-the-shelf baskets. Adding under-the-shelf baskets can double your shelf space. These baskets attach to your shelves and hang below. This will give you more space than you thought possible. You can store many accessories under the shelves baskets, depending on your closet size. Each basket can be used to store clothes, shoes, and accessories.


Hooks are your best friend. Hang hooks wherever there is wall space. Hang a whole rack of hooks if you have enough space. Hanging space is more attractive than anything! Hooks can be a great way to free up space you didn’t know you had. Hooks can also be used to hang more clothes and belts than you thought possible.

Suitcase Space

Place suitcases high above your closet doors. Hanging hooks near the ceiling of your closet will allow you to store your suitcases. You need every inch of space, even if you live in a tiny area. Your suitcases will be stored at the top of your closet so they only take up a little space. Lightweight out-of-season clothing can be stored in suitcases to make more space in your closet.

Use The Closet Door

Hang items inside your closet door. Using hooks or tacks, you can store scarves, belts, and hats inside your closet door.

Plastic Shoe Rack

These little cubbies can hold all your shoes in their various sizes. They can be attached to the top of your closet door using several hooks and provide storage space.


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