6 Cool Must Have Accessories for Your Campervan to Make Your Journey Fun-tastic!

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You travel on roads for two major reasons – to explore and to have fun (not to mention the fact that you give in to your wanderlust)! And for that, you need to be all geared up when you step out of comfort zone, and ride on your campervan! Gone are the days when you fussed to carry hair dryers and ropes to dry clothes, now all people care about is the fun factor, while everything else takes a backseat (Although we aren’t saying gears are not needed)! But enjoyment criterion reigns supreme when going for road trips! 

Whether you have kept a low budget with Cheap Campervan Rental in Auckland NZ from UGO Rentals, who provide campervans in excellent condition with all the essential amenities needed for a trip, or whether you have got your own van to ride for camping and touring, some tools and accessories would intensify the fun factor during your trip!

 Some incredible accessories that’ll make your campervan journey a lot more exciting!

 A campervan is the best way to explore any place, and travel without being restricted by hours or locations. You are always on the go, and almost always enjoying the luxury of relaxation in your campervan. But some things are often ignored when you set for the journey; and hence, you tend to get bored during the trip. So, the best trick here is, after you have geared up with your pots and pans, it’s time to get collecting those awesome gadgets and accessories which can add a zest and zeal to your journey. Read about some such exciting essentials below:

  • Portable projector — Want to watch a movie, but being limited to browsing in your cell phone can spoil the fun! You just can’t let your whole group of campers peep in the small screen of your mobile phone to watch your favourite movie! You can actually make this a lot more fun and exciting by carrying a portable projector. These are especially designed to take along in your journeys, and can be connected to any device through Bluetooth. With the projector properly placed, you can enjoy the pleasure of watching your favourite movie with your fellow campers, and also with the ones you met on the way!
  • Bluetooth speakersMusic is the best companion on board! But when you aren’t driving – but, actually lying at your camp-site at the riverside, or are climbing a mountain, where are you going to find entertainment? A Bluetooth speaker seems the best solution! The volume of it can be heard by all of you, and these aren’t even very heavy to carry. Some can be carried in your pockets too! And the best part? Most of these are wireless.
  • Games and cards — Ok, so you are on a campervan for a detox journey, taking a break from your gadgets! And this is something really awesome! You can actually spend some quality time having fun with your fellows if you carry your board-games and cards with you. An interesting game of monopoly and a session of rummy can make time fly, and you wouldn’t miss your gadgets even for a second.
  • Popcorn poppers — Imagine being stuck up in the woods and no restaurant nearby — a good bowl of popcorn can keep you going for long. Just carry a portable popcorn popper that can work with just a little bit of heating, and you can pop up your corns and enjoy a good snack time with your buddies. (Don’t forget to stock up with lots of popping corn to enjoy it!)
  • Roasting reel — Not all campers can find wood everywhere they go camping, and not all have the right knowledge to light them. A rolling reel or cooking stick carried along can save you a lot of time (and not to forget — serve you some delicious hotdogs too!).
  • Hammock —Do you dream of cuddling amidst greenery on a hammock reading a book, while the gentle breeze cradles you softly to a deep slumber? Well, here’s your great chance! Just carry your hammock with you, and tie the strings to trees to enjoy swinging serenely. 

These accessories sound fun and are super easy to use too. And what’s more, they can even prove useful in many a times too

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