5 Tips For Porta Potty Placement At Your Next Event

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You need to ensure that your set-up includes a porta potty location, regardless of whether you are setting it up for an outdoor wedding, construction site, or street fair. Although your first instinct may be to keep them out of view (and smell), there are many factors that can affect their placement. We’ve compiled five key points to help you porta potty rentals in Lexington KY.

Accessibility for delivery and removal

Your portable toilets must be delivered and installed. The sanitation crew will then clean up the area and dispose of any waste. The trucks should be within 20 feet of the location you want them to be placed.

To avoid any delays in delivery or pickup, ensure there is a clear route to the area. This will help to avoid additional costs.


Porta potty placement must be on an even, flat area. It is important to ensure that there are no slopes to the ground or bumps or lumps that could cause the structure’s wobble. To check for slope, you can use a string-liner level or place boards on the ground and then stand on them to verify that there’s no wobbling. It is crucial that the ground level is maintained when porta potty placement is considered.


Are all your guests able to use the portable toilets when you set them up? In addition to making sure you have disability-accessible portable toilets, you have to make sure that people with disabilities, including people using walkers, wheelchairs, and other equipment can access the area they are located. It is difficult to access areas with gravel or grassy terrains that slope or are overgrown.


A single area is sufficient for small events, such as an outdoor wedding. If you plan a large event such as a street fair or festival, it is a good idea to have several locations. This helps reduce congestion and ensures people have easy access to a toilet no matter where they may be.

You’ll also want to ensure that your location considers “eating and sitting,” so you will want to place porta potties close to the areas where people eat. You don’t want to place them in the middle of your meal, since no one wants to see a large portable toilet while they are eating. They can be kept separate from the eating areas by a discreet location that is convenient and easily accessible.


Porta potties can be quite heavy and stable, so we recommend that you place them against a structure to protect from the high winds. They can be placed against a fence or other structure to provide protection from wind gusts and stability. To provide additional protection, you can stake them to the ground.


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