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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Painter

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It can be difficult to find the right house painter when you need them. How can you be sure they will do a great job and leave your house looking beautiful? It’s important to do your research!
This newsletter will provide some helpful tips for hiring the right artist. It doesn’t matter if you are given a recommendation. You should still take the time and assess their work. You may not like what works for your best friend, family member or neighbor. These questions will help you make sure you have the basics covered.
Are you licensed? What are your painting experience?
Although a handyman may call himself a painter, it does not mean that he is skilled or experienced. A professional is required if you are looking for a job. Painting qualifications will guarantee that your painter is well-informed on all aspects of painting, from technique to safety procedures. A few years of experience in the field is a plus.
  • Is your work behind the images on your site?
Viewing images and reviews on the website is the best way to view previous works. Be aware, however, that images might not be the artist’s own work. Images can be purchased from Shutterstock or similar sites. It’s always best to view their work. Customers who are satisfied with their work will often be happy to show it off.
  • Do you have references?
While it’s great to get a recommendation from a friend, what if you don’t? Ask the painter to provide the email and contact information of any recent clients. This will allow you to assess the artist’s quality. Most painters in auckland will be more than happy to help. If you are able, take a look at some of their most recent work.
  • What is your quote?
Even before you reach the final price, the details of the quote can tell a lot about the artist. It should be written and printed on the business letterhead. You will need to look for their Business name, ABN, Business Registration, and License Number. Verify that they are fully insured. A thorough quote should include the following minimum requirements:
To be painted on surfaces and rooms
Preparation details like cleaning, filling & Sanding, sealing, and undercoating.
Type of paint and number of topcoats Semi gloss Enamel, Low Sheen Acrylic, and Semi-gloss Enamel are some examples.
Paint brand, eg. Dulux, Haymes, etc
Timeframe estimated for completion
Do you need scaffolding? Who pays?
Total cost? If you are unsure whether you want to split the work, you can request a breakdown.
Which brand of paint would you choose?

Pay attention to painters who:

Because they prefer to work with a particular brand, substitute paint brands are available. This can lead to disaster because each paint company has its own base. If you mix one paint brand with another, it won’t be the same color. One client had to have their entire ground floor repainted by a painter because they used a Taubmans base and Dulux colours.
Paint inferior quality paint in empty brand-name tins so that it looks like they used quality paint.
Do not prepare surfaces well before you paint. Paint cracks easily and lifts off of the surface.
You don’t need to mask windows or other surfaces. I have seen a painter apply paint to large surfaces (which is fine), but forget to mask the windows. The windows had to be replaced… it was a costly mistake! !
Remember that you have the right to ask these questions. Painting can be expensive so it is important to make sure you hire a skilled professional who will do an excellent job. It is the difference between a perfect finish that improves the appearance of your home and a poor finish that decreases its value.

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