Kicking It Old-School – 5 Classy 1920s Fashion Accessories That Are Cool Again In 2020

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We all know that an outfit is not complete without the right accessories. From your watch to your shoes and bag, the right combination of accessories can take you from simple to dapper within minutes. 

If you’re looking to make a splash this season, here are five 1920s-inspired accessories you should add to your closet. 

  • Boutonnières:

Aside from cufflinks, the boutonnière is the ultimate accessory for a distinguished gentleman. This season’s interpretation of the trend includes flower motifs, glittering bows, and cute hat brims. Louis Vuitton and Chanel have turned the boutonnière into a must-have accessory for women as well. 

  • Low-hanging necklace:

After World War 1, women didn’t want to go back to wearing corsets. This period was all about female freedom and wearing clothes that allowed for unrestricted movement. Women danced at cocktail parties, smoked cigarettes, and drank in public. 

They played tennis and golf, drove cars, and took on more of life’s fun challenges. All of this informed the types of accessories they were interested in wearing. Necklines became lower, and with that, low-hanging necklaces were invented. This trend is designed to accentuate the neck, and it’s perfect for warm summer temperatures.

  • Square toes:

The roaring 20s was an era of casual clothing and accessories, so it makes sense that square-toed shoes were introduced during the decade. This unique style of shoe went well with the pants women were able to wear for the first time in history. 

The shoes featured sequins and other chic adornments, but the 2020 version is much simpler and can be seen in boots, sandals, and pumps. Square toed high-heels are great for showing off a cute manicure and making large feet appear more delicate. 

  • Thin belts:

These look great when tied around a flowy dress and are generally made of leather, chain, or sometimes both. Pair them with flowy dresses and skirts to add a fun dimension to a-line office skirts.

  • Cloche Hat:

The cloche hat was one of the most defining accessories of the 1920’s fashion scene, and it’s making a big comeback in 2020. From Marc Jacobs to Michael Kors and Fendy, we’re seeing many renditions of this trend on the runway. 

The Cloche hat is characterized by a close-fitting round shape, and it’s available in different materials, like straw and felt. 

Some versions of it have a wide brim and can be used as a sun hat, while others have a brim that’s one to three inches thick. Either way, the cloche hat always features a narrow front and wide sides. 

Honorable mentions:

  • Pearls: They’re on earrings, bracelets, and even on tiny beaded hats. 
  • Edwardian cut stones: The 1920s were known for the heavy use of Edwardian-cut emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. The stones are cut in interesting shapes like trapezoids, triangles, and half-moon, and can be found on high-end chunky rings and earrings. 
  • Mary-Jane pumps: Mary Janes are back and cuter than ever. Perfect for corporate wear, they pair well with A-line skirts and tailored suits. 

The 1920s were an era where accessories were practical but jazzy without feeling fussy and formal. Everything was perfect for everyday wear because flapper girls wanted to party until dawn and the stock market was crashing. 

So, clothing was simpler, with short hemlines, almost nonexistent sleeves, and hair that was short, chic, and easy to manage. These and other factors are what determined the fashion trends of the time. 

While we don’t want the stock market to crash in 2020, we’re here for the sharp corners, straight lines, and other Art Deco influences of the roaring ‘20s. 

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