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4 Items Home Inspectors Don’t Usually Examine

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Many checklists contain more than 1,600 items that home inspectors must inspect. Some items may require a specialist to complete a thorough inspection.

Four Items Home Inspectors Never Usually Examine

The fireplace

To ensure they are in good working order, inspectors open and close dampers. To find obstructions, some may use a flashlight to illuminate the chimney. Buyers may have to hire a fireplace inspector to inspect the chimney for any obstructions. This can include creosote and soot buildup that could be fire-starters. These extra inspections can cost from $80 to $200.

Foundation issues

In cases where buyers have concerns about the ground beneath their home, a geotechnical engineer or structural engineer might be needed. This includes whether there has been any shifting, tilting or sinkholes. Professions can test the soil for many potential problems. Basic testing will likely cost between $300- $1,000. More invasive testing could cost upwards of $5,000. To help buyers on a tight budget, Plot Scan is a free website that will reveal any history of sinkholes and other natural disasters around the home. It can also be used to determine if further home inspection in tampa assistance is needed.

Wells and septic systems

Home inspectors who are certified to assess septic systems may be willing to perform an additional inspection to check a home’s water and septic system. Buyers will need to hire a well inspector if they don’t want to pay the additional inspection fee. These experts will take water samples and test them in a laboratory for arsenic and coliform. They will also make sure that all seals, vents and screens are properly maintained, as well as that the pump and well are producing sufficient water. An inspection typically costs around $250.


Frank Lesh, the executive director of American Society of Home Inspectors, says that he will go on roofs only if they are safe. “But if it rains or it is too high, it’s not possible to get there.” A specialized roof inspection costs between $500 and $750 to provide a more detailed look. Some roof inspectors will even offer a free consultation. Even if you don’t want to go on the roof, an infrared inspection can be done to check for temperature differences and determine if heat or air conditioning is escaping.



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