4 Important Points To Remember To Avoid Accidents!

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Accidents are unfortunate! They may happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone. The accidents happening through cars or automobiles are quite common. You may never know, but a sudden left instead of right turn, pressing the brake a minute late or a fast u-turn may bring about the most dangerous accident of your life. These can be very nasty too. Sometimes these accidents cost us our lives and even that of our loved ones. There may also be some innocent soul who may get affected by this unfortunate mishap too.

You can’t rectify the consequences of an accident. But at least you can try and save yourself or others from it. Even educating new drivers or teens about the same can be a really great step in this direction. You never know you may actually be saving someone’s life by teaching the basic rules of safe driving to anyone. 

Accident Preventions

The first thing you can do to prevent an accident is get your driver’s training from a good driving school. They should be the ones having enough experience and knowledge of the road, its rules and the automobile, apart from the driving skills to make you a good driver. Never learn it from your peers or relatives and drive out in the open. It may harm you and others in a grave way. The best thing you could do here is taking driving lessons in Walsall from Just Pass Driving School. They have the most experienced and expert teachers of driving who can teach you driving in a really good way. After a good driving skill comes the safety precautions (mentioned below) to be taken regularly to avoid any kind of accidents:

    Follow the traffic rules — Traffic rules are made to follow! You just can’t keep driving anyway you want and expect not to bang into someone’s car and damage both the vehicles or God forbid, even life!). The car should be stopped at a red light signal and no entry should always be avoided. If you break the traffic rules, you not only are charged a good penalty to be paid, but are also damaging your car in this process (which means more expenditure).  Also, there can be serious injuries caused due to this.

  Don’t drink and drive — Never ever drink and drive! The biggest culprit causing the accidents worldwide is alcohol! There have been hundreds of cases recorded around the globe which are a result of drinking and driving. Though there are officers who check you for the same at regular positions, and all guide books and banners give out this message clearly! But still there are individuals who wouldn’t listen! When you drink and drive, if you get hurt, it’s entirely your fault. But if the opposite vehicle gets affected by your bump, then those innocent people are actually affected because of you. Always take a cab or ask a friend (who isn’t drunk) to drive in this situation. Even if you had a medicine that contains alcohol or says not to drive when you had it, avoid the same!

    Over speeding— We all know you are a great driver. No one asks you to prove that. And what most people do to prove the same? Drive fast! This again causes lots and lots of accidents on roads and most of them are deadly. If a car is speeding above 100 kmph and you try to stop it or overtake another car at this speed, the tyres are more likely to burst out causing a huge blast or the car takes a somersault multiple times. This means no one ever comes back alive after such a huge damage! Always follow the speed limit given on the road banners and drive calmly and wisely to avoid such situations.

  Car condition — The condition in which you keep you car can be a cause of accidents too. If you are not servicing your car at regular intervals, the brakes are going to get jammed, your clutch is going to give away and even the steering may not move perfectly. What’s more, even your engine may be heating too much and would be needing a clean up. Driving in open or heavily trafficked roads with such a car can obviously cause an accident and that too a fatal one. There may be bumps because of the jammed brakes, or a wrong turn due to clutch issue, etc. Always keep servicing your car at a service centre at least once in six months. Check your car thoroughly before taking it out for a drive and keep a close check on its tyres too.

 You should also take those u-turns properly, avoid texting or calling while driving and refrain from recklessly driving to be safe and prevent accidents! That is the least you can do for a safer road trip for yourself and others! 

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