3 Must Have Pax 3 Accessories For a Flawless Experience

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Pax 3 is a premium vaporizer from the well-respected class. Surprisingly, only a handful of stores carry the original Pax 3 accessories. They are made in America by New Vape and can be purchased from an established online shop. What are these add-ons?

We will be discussing the best Pax 3 accessories here in this article. Let’s get started.

1 – Pusher

The Pax 2 Pusher is a small tool that is intended for Pax 3 users. You will need to fill your Pax 2 unit to 100 percent. Then, press the herbs well. A pusher can be used to push the herbs and ensure they stay at the chamber’s end. This tool is mostly made of stainless steel. You will get a full-efficient inhalation if you fill it only half of the way.

A pusher also conducts heat and heats the herbs in the chamber at the top better than a regular lid. The Pax Pusher will allow you to reduce the amount of herbs that are being used. It works with Pax 2 as well as Pax 3 in uk. However, the Pax 3 vape rig already has a Half-Pack lid that serves the same purpose.

2 – 3D Screen

Pax 3D Screens are a must-have accessory for any Pax 3 unit. This screen can be used as an alternative screen to the regular screen. Why? It is thinner and more solid steel plate than the one that came along, while the 3D screen has some highlights. The new screen has thin groves that increase airflow and reduce resistance to inhalation.

It is virtually indestructible! It is indeed! It can be used for many years, rather than having to replace the screen every few months. It is also easy to assemble. Simply flip the Pax 3 upside down, and place the 3D screen at bottom of chamber. After you inhale, close the chamber lid and wait until the screen falls out with the material.

3 – Water Pipe Adapter

This stainless steel accessory is durable and made with 3D technology. It is a must-have for owners of both Pax 2 and Pax 3. Your vaporizer can be connected to your favorite water pipe/bong easily and quickly. Simply place the Pax in the adapter and then insert it into the water pie joint. Water filtration transforms inhalation, cooling the vapor and creating thicker clouds.

These are the top 3 Pax accessories that you should purchase now. Visit To The Cloud Vapor Store to get the best deals!


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