10 Tips for Getting the Best Suit Alterations

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You can make your tailoring experience smoother, no matter if you are a novice or a veteran.

Know your tailor

Research and recommendations are key to finding the right tailor. Find out about their reliability, experience, and the quality of their service. This can be accessed through their website and read reviews.

Looksmart Alternatives takes pride in providing fast, friendly, affordable tailoring. This has earned us the respect of top fashion retailers, corporate world leaders, and over a million happy customers. We focus on the perfect fit through finely tailored custom tailoring and a keen understanding of fashion and styling.

Give a courtesy call

Many tailors are happy to fit you quickly. Looksmart Alternatives can cut your jeans in less than an hour, or you can get it free.

It is always appreciated to be greeted at least 30 minutes prior to your arrival. It can take a while to pin and tuck different garments. A three-piece suit, for example, will take longer than a pair or pants. We recommend booking ahead to ensure quality tailoring.


You can bring whatever item you are having altered, whether it be a suit jacket or tux pants, and all the basics you plan to wear to the fitting. This is particularly important when you’re hemming garments as the length of your shoes will affect how long it takes to fit.

Bring along any repair kit that the manufacturer provided when you purchased your garment. Men’s suits often come with an extra swatch, a button and some thread in the jacket or back pocket. Most garments with buttons have at least one spare stitched on the inside, near the care label.

Learn the language

Fashion industry has its own language, which is similar to the way doctors use their medical terminology. Understanding some terms can help you describe exactly what you want from your alteration.

These are four sewing terms to help you get started.


To create shape in a garment, a fold of fabric is sewn into it. This is often done to make the garment fit better around the waist and bust.


Vents are the slit near the tail of the jacket.


From the bottom crotch down to the lower leg, the seam runs along the inside of your pant leg.


Taper refers to the narrowing of the pants towards the ankle, rather than a straight or bell-shaped finish.

Find out what’s trendy

If you are unsure whether something is appropriate, it will be easier to follow the trends in suiting.

These are the 4 most current suit trends:

  1. Allow shirt cuffs to be between 1/4? and 1/2? in length.
  2. You should keep your pant breaks to a minimum. The pant should flow seamlessly into the shoe, with just a little bit of fabric draping.
  3. Jackets should be slim fitting and not tug at the front.
  4. Your pants should be slim, flattering and have a slight taper at your ankles.

We offer a range of corporate accounts through Looksmart Alterations. We are always up-to-date with the latest styles. We are confident that we can help you achieve the perfect fit and look with our experience and knowledge.

Get your basic measurements

Non-custom suit alteration in Mississauga can be measured at the chest. They come in three sizes: regular, long and short. This basic measurement will help you choose the jacket that is most tailored. The more closely you fit the jacket, the simpler the final product will be.


While it might seem like a great opportunity to catch up with your emails, having a tailor tinker nearby may not be the best idea. Pay attention to what’s happening. It is easier to move a pin then to open a seam. So it is important to speak up while your tailor does their magic. Let your tailor know if you need something shorter or tighter, or if you want it to be longer.

Your tailor is your guide

You are not the only one feeling insecure about your body. Both men and women hate something about themselves. Although you might believe you know how to hide these undesirable areas, chances are that you don’t.

A common mistake is for shorter people to wear longer jackets, thinking they will look taller. The same thing happens to heavier people, who may want longer jackets, thinking it will make them appear slimmer.

Every day your tailor will fit different body types, so take their advice. Trust them, they know the secrets of success.

Make sure to keep an allowance

One of the biggest concerns when having a suit altered, is that it may be too tight and restrict your ability to fluctuate in weight. This is false. This is not true. If you allow your suit to extend one-half size, it’s actually allowed to hang at the seam allowance.

It is not a good idea to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars on a suit that you will eventually wear out.

It’s possible to do it again

Before you leave the shop, double-check all alterations and repairs. Ask to try on your suit again, and if it isn’t what you wanted, tell the store. Most tailors are able to alter your suit right away, at no extra cost. This will save you both time and hassle when you bring your suit back.

Bonus tip: Look for a Guarantee

A great suit can transform your appearance. Your shoulders will be wider, your lines will be longer, your waist will shrink, and you’ll feel better. A great suit should be tailored to your exact measurements. There is nothing worse than a poorly fitting one.


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