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10 Benefits Of A Professional, Commercial Cleaning Service & Why Every Business Needs One

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Americans spend the majority of their day at work. Many businesses hire a cleaning service. However, most of the cleaning is minimal. A quick vacuum and emptying trash are all that’s required. Deeper dirt, dust and allergens can remain on carpets and blinds as well as in the upholstery of office furniture. Learn about the ten advantages of professional commercial cleaning and why your company should invest in high-quality cleaning services from COIT.

Higher Employee Productivity

Clean, tidy, and free of dirt and dust, your employees will be happier. Clean, fresh air is more pleasant to inhale and has a sweeter odor. Although many companies understand the importance of employee training and acknowledge the importance of a healthy culture, they may not pay enough attention to the most important factor for productivity: pure, clean air.

Although it is obvious that polluted indoor air poses a risk to human health and is well known, many business owners don’t realize the serious consequences of unhealthy indoor air. The HVAC system continuously circulates particulate matter through the business’ walls. Research has shown that indoor pollution can lead to significant productivity drops. According to research, indoor pollution can lead to a decline in cognitive function.

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is among the five most serious threats to Americans’ health. The agency has released studies that show indoor air can contain levels of pollutants that are higher than those found in the outdoors. Even the best-run businesses may not be aware of a problem with indoor air quality, which can lead to productivity losses.

Do you want a team of motivated, bright employees? Let them inhale cleaner air. Your office will be cleaner and more fresh after a professional cleaning.

Lesser Spread of Disease – Fewer Sick Day

Many businesses are unable to cope with the spread of a virus from one employee to another. Production slows down when your most valuable team members are not in the office. It doesn’t matter if an illness is affecting sales, delivery, or any other area of your business, it is crucial to reduce the spread of disease. Many employees ignore the request to stay at home if they are sick and spread the virus through their office. It is important to keep your employees healthy and reduce the spread of new viruses by performing a thorough, professional cleaning.

It is crucial to clean up the workplace thoroughly in order to prevent the spread of diseases. To prevent employee illness, all shared areas must be cleaned, including breakrooms and training rooms. Companies recognize the importance of investing in hand-drying systems, soap dispensers, and no-touch wastebaskets to ensure that all areas are clean. According to the CDC, it is important to disinfect all shared areas, such as phones, desktops and doorknobs. COIT’s professional team can help you choose the best cleaning products and protocols to reduce the spread of potentially dangerous viruses. Viruses can live for up to 48 hours and infect others if they are present on surfaces such as desks, tables, workstations, or tables.

A Safer, Healthier Work Environment

Employee health is a growing concern. Many businesses are interested in a more environmentally-friendly operation. Professional commercial cleaning services can use safer, more environmentally-friendly products. This means that there are no toxins left in the air and that the environment is free from perfumes that could trigger allergic reactions. Clean, fresh air is essential if you want to create a safe and healthy work environment.

To keep pathogens from entering your business’s air ducts, it is important to clean them regularly. There are many options for duct cleaning. A state-of the-art, sophisticated extraction system is required to fully remove allergens, bacteria and dirt. A yearly cleaning of all contaminants can keep indoor air quality in business fresh. It will also help reduce energy costs and make your HVAC system more efficient.

Many people are affected by allergies, which is why they are the number three reason employees miss work. COIT understands how to prevent the spread of diseases through professional cleaning. Allergens can be carried from home by employees to work. This includes pet hair, dander, eggs and other substances. Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning is a great way to keep your employees happy.

A Professional, Positive Appearance

Contrast the two options: Walk into a business with stained carpets, dusty desks and trash filled to overflowing with crumpled papers and cartons. Or, walk into a business which looks clean, smells fresh and has a clean appearance. Your image to customers is a key factor in your business’s success. Bad appearances can give the impression that your business is not professional. Customers, clients and visitors will notice a smart, clean, tidy appearance and a pleasant, sweet-smelling environment. This will make them feel more confident in the products and services of your business.

A good business “housekeeping” strategy includes several key steps. The most obvious include reducing clutter in hallways, stairways and other areas. HEPA filters are required for businesses working with hazardous substances. Standard vacuums and larger models, such as those used by smaller commercial cleaning firms, don’t offer this option. COIT has the right equipment for any industry.

Some areas need to be cleaned daily, while others require periodic maintenance. Every day, the kitchen, coffee area and any other space that is used for food preparation must be cleaned. Every week, the refrigerator must be cleaned and sanitized. A microwave and stove in the office must be cleaned on a daily basis.

Morale Booster

Cleaner environments are more conducive to employee morale and productivity. Employees will feel valued and will dress appropriately in a cleaner environment. Even a small business that is clean can see an increase in employee morale. Happy employees are more likely to do their jobs well and attract more customers.

When employees are happy, it helps to raise your brand’s profile. These employees post about work on social media platforms. This can have a huge impact on your ability to attract the talent that you need.

Long-Term Cost Savings

A lot of office cleaning companies are not as skilled and only do the basic cleaning. Dust can collect on top of cabinets and shelves, on blinds, or in other difficult-to-reach places. Dust and odors can be released from furniture covered in fabric. Your office must be clean of dust and dirt. High-quality carpet cleaning can prevent carpets from becoming stained or damaged. Deeply ingrained dirt cannot be fixed by replacing the carpet. COIT offers financing options to finance more extensive cleanings, repairs and remediation services.

High Quality Cleaning

Find out the professional cleaning methods used when you hire a commercial cleaner. There are many commercial cleaning services in Bristol that offer different levels of service. COIT can offer additional services like deep rug and upholstery cleaning, which will improve the maintenance of your home and make it look cleaner and more spotless. You want windows to sparkle, not dirty or smudged. We offer a range of services that can be used for every cleaning need, including regular deep cleaning and restoration as well as remediation. The COIT team provides more cleaning services than just regular deep cleaning.

  • Carpet and area rug cleaning
  • Blind and drape cleaning
  • Cleaning and restoration of tile and grout
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Concrete floor maintenance, repair and restoration
  • Wall cleaning

We have the experience to help you get back on track after an unplanned disaster like water, fire or smoke damage.

Save Storage Space

You can use the space in your closet to store cleaning products and equipment. COIT’s team of commercial cleaners arrive with all the cleaning equipment and products needed to complete the job. Clear out your clutter and store items that are more beneficial to your business. You can no longer smell mops, mop buckets or dirty cloths.

COIT has its own machinery that is not available to renters or regular cleaners. These tools work. It is amazing the difference between a professional cleaning and a regular cleaning service. COIT is a smart choice for professional cleaning services. We have sixty years of experience in the industry. COIT can clean your entire business with additional services bi-annually or yearly to make sure everything is in order. COIT offers many benefits, including:

  • To keep your shine for longer, polish and treatment after cleaning
  • High demand
  • There are many financing options
  • You can combine savings on multiple services

Wider range of services

Although a company might present itself as a commercial cleaner, what services do they provide? They can clean carpeting, blinds, and upholstery. The answer is often no. Many times, they provide only basic services that often diminish with time. Find out what the difference is if you are not satisfied with the cleaning performed by your commercial cleaners.

Protection Against Business Theft

COIT’s team is professional, reliable, and trained. There is no need to be concerned about theft, as this can be the case with fly-by night cleaning services that hire random workers and have high turnover. They also don’t properly train their employees. Theft of personal items, money, and expensive electronics can all be stolen from offices. Instead of putting your valuable assets at danger, you should choose a commercial cleaner who will respect your assets and can be trusted to enter your workspace during non-office hours.

Although you might be able identify the thief in a few instances, it is not worth the effort and time spent on recovering personal and business items. Although the bottom line is important, it’s not wise to hire commercial cleaners from undocumented backgrounds.

How COIT can help you create a commercial cleaning plan for your business.

Each business is unique and requires different cleaning needs. Our duty to our customers is not taken lightly. We are committed to providing high-quality service. We can help you create a cleaning plan that meets your needs and address any concerns. This includes recommendations for services and a plan to implement these services daily or periodically.

We can handle any special cleaning requirements for your business, including remediation services. Our experts can perform a thorough walkthrough and help you determine the best cleaning methods for your business, including production areas. All issues such as standing water, mold and mildew can be addressed quickly and accurately. Our cleaning process can make tile floors free from bacteria and pathogens. This is especially important for businesses that are health-related or produce food or drinks.

We have acquired a variety of cleaning services and procedures over our 60-year history. Our goal is to make your business safe for customers, employees, visitors and other people. If you are interested in environmentally-friendly cleaning services, we can provide these services as well.

The COIT Team is trained in Advanced Cleaning Technology

The advanced training has given our team of professionals the necessary knowledge. Our team of professionals doesn’t rely on guesswork. We are experts at solving any cleaning problem with professionalism. Our custom-designed maintenance program can help extend the life cycle of your business assets. It is affordable. Our truck-mounted hot water extraction machine allows us to perform both maintenance and remedial cleaning. We have the right products and equipment to maintain your flooring, no matter if it is carpet, concrete, tile, or another type.

Our commercial cleaning services are cost-effective. Our strategy for commercial cleaning combines regular maintenance with preventative maintenance. We focus on high-traffic areas to help reduce dirt, oil, and allergens that are tracked to lower traffic areas. This can help to reduce the overall maintenance cost.

COIT: Your Partner for Success.

We know how important it is to keep your business clean for safety and health, as well as for creating a positive first impression on all who visit your premises. We are proud of the support we offer our business clients. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We stand behind our work. Our entire team is professional and trained to provide excellent service.

Many cleaning companies are let go because they do not provide quality work. However, we don’t cut corners and we will never compromise on our work.

COIT can help you with your commercial cleaning needs. Call us today! We’re ready to get to work and provide all the benefits that a professional cleaning service can offer.



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